False Allegations

PUBLISHED: 3:42 PM 10 Oct 2018

Student Charged After Falsely Claiming She Received Homophobic Death Threats

The student has been charged with three counts of “making false alarms,” which is a first-degree demeanor.

Ohio University student busted for alleging she received threats.

A student at Ohio University has been charged with three counts of “making false alarms” after she lied and claimed that she had received homophobic death threats, AOL reportsAnna Ayers, a student senate member at the university and a senior studying journalism, informed her colleagues that she had received a slew of homophobic death threats at both her residence and the senate office where she works.

Her false statements are very serious, but they also debunk the leftist narrative that ‘all women must be believed.’ Accusers do sometimes lie, and it’s even more disgusting that this sort of deranged person could soon be bringing people news in the near future.

Ayers reported to the Ohio University Police that she had been receiving the threatening messages. She reportedly told the police that she did not know who had been sending them to her.

When the police investigated her claims, they determined that Ayers had actually been sending herself the threatening messages.

In Ohio, it is a first-degree misdemeanor to make false claims. If found guilty, Ayers. could face up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for each instance. In her case, she could be forced to pay $3,000 given she was charged with making three false claims about the fake threats.

Ayers getting busted for falsely claiming she had received homophobic death threats is hardly unusual, as there has been a noticeable uptick in people reporting hate crimes to the police that eventually turn out to be utterly false.

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh knows all about the implications of someone making false allegations.

Also, a few months ago, 13-year-old Muslim girl was exposed for falsely reporting that she was attacked for wearing a hijab after police uncovered critical facts.

The young Muslim girl reported a man yelled profanities at her, forcefully grabbed her arm, called her a terrorist, and threatened her with a knife before pulling off her hijab.

Less than 24 hours after police opened a case, officers realized the Muslim girl lied about it all. Police found that the Muslim girl “falsely reported” the hate crime and fabricated the entire incident when they pressed her for specific details.

Prior to that, an 11-year-old Muslim girl from Toronto, Canada made national news after claiming she was attacked for wearing a hijab. Liberal figures and outlets helped advance the story and weaponized it to claim racism and Islamophobia was spreading under President Donald Trump.

After police reported she lied and made the entire incident up, the media moved on without admitting they were complicit in promoting theories that President Donald Trump is encouraging racism.

Since Trump took office, several attention-seeking liberals have falsely claimed they were attacked for their nationality and religious views. These fake reports are often greatly elevated by the mainstream media, who willingly promote stories that are geared toward portraying Trump’s administration as racist.

Whether it’s Ayers, the two Muslim girls, or the many others who have been busted for lying, this has sadly become a pattern in the era of Trump.

Many would agree that Ayers should be held accountable to the fullest extent under the law for sending herself the messages, a move that would show making false allegations will not be tolerated.