Comey Chose Targets

PUBLISHED: 9:41 PM 13 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 5:26 PM 14 Jul 2018

Strzok Testifies That Former FBI Director Told Him To Target Trump Over Clinton

This is just more evidence to suggest that James Comey was playing political favorites in how he ran the FBI!

The FBI agent testified that it was Director Comey who told him to focus on Donald Trump, not the Hillary Clinton investigation.

On Thursday, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Peter Strzok spent much of his day being questioned during a joint House Judiciary and Oversight Committee hearing concerning his role in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, the Donald Trump campaign/’Russian collusion’ investigation, and his texts showing political bias.

During that hearing, a question asked by a Democrat Representative, of all people, uncovered yet another bombshell. In a possible attempt to shield Strzok from blame, it was the former Director of the FBI who told agents that going after the Trump campaign (and its members) was more important than investigating Hillary Clinton. Even though this liberal tried to lob him a softball question, Strzok outing that James Comey “told me to” pour resources into investigating Trump, shows the full depth of the fix that was taking place.

Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler of New York was interviewing Strzok, asking questions as they occurred to him. At one point during the contentious hearings where the agent from the Bureau acted haughty and rude, Nadler asked him why he thought it was important that he should “prioritize” the investigation into Trump.

Why, in other words, was the investigation into unconfirmed (and still unproven to this day) allegations that the Donald Trump campaign had somehow colluded with Russia more important than the investigation into former SecState Clinton’s inability to properly handle classified information, which was in fact a massive security breach?

According to the response given by the agent, he was told, by the former director of the FBI, to prioritize another case.

In his testimony, Agent Strzok said that “the first reason” that he prioritized one investigation over the other is because the director, then James Comey, told him to do so.

According to him, the director told the people in the agency that it was their “top priority” to investigate allegations that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.

For an investigator, or someone leading the most powerful federal law enforcement agency in the country, however, that simply doesn’t make sense.

In the Clinton investigation, there was absolute evidence that a crime had been broken. Even though she was allowed to ‘pick and choose’ which emails she would turn over to investigators at the Department of Justice, they still found out that she had classified material on her private email server.

How it got there is a question that needed (and still needs) answering, but the fact is that simply possessing such classified information is enough to imprison someone.

After Comey told the FBI to concentrate on Donald J. Trump, though, it sounds like the Clinton investigation quickly ended.

Suddenly, possession of classified documents wasn’t enough for the Bureau to recommend charges. So, shortly after Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, head of the Justice Department, met together in secret on a runway in Arizona, the agency suggested that no charges should be brought against Mrs. Clinton.

Instead, the FBI quickly changed targets; from an investigation that turned up real evidence of wrongdoing that it sought, to one that continues to this day, enabled by a ‘special investigator,’ Robert Mueller, who still has not found any evidence of the collusion he was supposedly looking for.

Strzok continued on to make excuses for Comey’s choice of targets, saying that from a ‘national security’ perspective, it made sense to go after Donald Trump and company instead.

He felt that the Russian influence investigations were “of much greater impact” than an investigation on “mishandled” classified information that was put on an unsecured private email server, and likely hacked by foreign agents.

However, he admitted that the first reason that he began to place more importance on the investigation into Donald Trump is because Comey told him to.

It sounds like it’s time for James Comey to answer for his actions. He has spent most of this year out on what is essentially a book tour, pushing his book A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, And Leadership.

The title seems especially humorous now, given that the ‘higher loyalty’ seems to have been a slavish devotion to a corrupt family with political ties hoping to win a second presidency.

Perhaps that makes it even more hilarious that there are rumors that Comey, who was dismissed from the FBI in disgrace by President Trump, is planning to run for president in the 2020 election.

It seems like now, more than ever, there are questions about his leadership of the Bureau, and whether he used it to push his preferred political agenda or not. The more digging that investigators do into the case, the worse it looks.

Hopefully, the House continues to work to get to the bottom of the story, and to find out just how much political bias played into the actions of Strzok, Comey, Andrew McCabe, and everyone else involved.