Man Spanks Random Child In Grocery Store

PUBLISHED: 1:05 AM 13 Feb 2018

Stranger Spanks Child In Grocery Store, Police Called And The Fight Begins

He told the boy’s father that is how they handled children in Mexico.

Morris was in line at Kroger when a stranger spanked his son and told the two-year-old "This is what we do to kids in Mexico."

This past Thursday, Juan Guevara Martinez, a 62-year-old Hispanic male, was arrested after physically rearing a stranger’s toddler at a Kroger grocery store in Newnan, Georgia.

James Morris was standing in line at the self- checkout register when his 2-year-old son began to ask for candy.

When Morris denied the toddlers request, the boy began whining to his father. A drunk Martinez then approached the boy, whacked him on the hand and three times on the bottom.

Martinez then told the boy, “This is what we do to kids in Mexico.” to which Morris replied, “Well, this isn’t Mexico.”

According to Martinez, getting drunk and going to the store to spank stranger’s children is what they do in Mexico. Martinez then was only enriching America with his culture.

While the boy was unharmed by the incident, Morris still felt the actions of Martinez were out of line so he notified the authorities.

When officers arrived, they noticed Martinez reeked of alcohol. Police had some trouble understanding Martinez during the interview because the intoxicated man was reportedly slurring his words, which consisted of very broken English.

When the officers determined that Martinez needed to be arrested, he resisted their efforts to take him into custody. Martinez had to be forced to the ground before the two officers on the scene were able to cuff him.

The fight did not stop after Martinez was cuffed in the store either after the officers were able to wrangle the man into the back seat of a patrol car, he began kicking the windows and doors in a futile escape attempt.

Police first took Martinez to the Piedmont Hospital where the medical staff cleared him for release. Martinez’s next stop, the Coweta County Jail, where he is sitting on a $3,390 bond for the charges of battery, cruelty to children, disorderly conduct, and obstruction of officers.

Toddlers can often be unpredictable and unreasonable. Although Morris admits his son was whining in the store, this behavior does not condone the actions of Martinez. Parents generally do not respond well to strangers whipping their children, and Martinez is very lucky he was not hurt.

Not surprisingly, authorities have not released the immigration status of Martinez, however, illegal or legal, it is a safe bet he is a Mexican national. The media and police have made it common practice not to report the immigration status of criminals.

Immigration is currently a hot topic in the United States, and with so many jails and police agencies obscuring the status of offenders, it makes it difficult to ascertain the amount of crime this foreign national population is committing.

Federal prisons which keep records on the immigration status of offenders have come to startling conclusions, such as the fact that in 2015, 75 percent of those convicted of federal drug possession charges were illegal aliens, 18 percent of those convicted of federal drug trafficking charges were illegal aliens, and 30 percent of those convicted of federal charges of taking hostages or kidnapping were illegal aliens.

The fact that foreign nationals have a higher propensity to become criminals is one reason the liberal media often attempt to cover up the immigration status of migrant perpetrators such as Martinez.

If he is in the country illegally, he should be deported once his sentence is completed, although it is likely he will simply walk back across the border with our lack of security, and President Trump’s failure to get a border wall up in a timely manner.

If Martinez is in the country legally, he is a shining example of the country’s need to move to a merit-based system, if we are to continue to allow immigration at all. Doing so would prevent most of the trash like Martinez from entering the country.

It is worth noting that Martinez was wearing a hard hat at the time of the incident, indicating he may be working for an unscrupulous construction company that hires functionally illiterate migrants from South America.

While Martinez’s behavior may have been the cultural norm from the third world nation from which he hails, it is absolutely unacceptable in the United States.

Peoples’ children are theirs to raise, and while adults often disagree on parenting tactics, in a civil society, physically disciplining other parents’ children without their expressed permission is untenable.