Video Hoax Exposed

PUBLISHED: 7:50 PM 14 Mar 2018

Story Behind Woman “Losing” Her Children Revealed As Human Trafficking

The media spun it as ICE taking children away from their loving mother.

Perla Morales-Luna not only was a criminal for illegally entering the United States, but also for being the organizer of a human trafficking ring. That is why she was picked up by ICE.

In the last few days, a video has made its ways around social media, going ‘viral’ and fueling an outrage.  It was a video of a woman who was allegedly being prepped for deportation having her children ‘ripped’ away from her as they screamed, cried, and made a scene.  The way that the video was portrayed, it certainly appeared horrific.

But that portrayal was a dishonest. The woman, Perla Morales-Luna, wasn’t randomly targeted for deportation by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE agents who demanded she gets in the van.  She was part of a targeted investigation.  She was also believed to be part of a human trafficking ring, even one of the people who organized the ring.

That changes the story of Morales-Luna and her arrest a bit, doesn’t it?

Headlines across the nation portrayed the story as one of the horrors of President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement.

The Washington Post wrote an article about the video, titling it “Dramatic video shows Border Patrol agents pulling woman away from her screaming children.”

The Los Angeles Time called it “Video of woman being pulled away for her daughters in immigration arrest sparks anger.”

CBS News declared it “Video of woman’s immigration arrest sparks outcry, response from Border Patrol.”

But that was not the full story; it was dishonest reporting on the story that pushes a leftist narrative that deporting illegal immigrants is awful and wrong.

According to Daily Caller founder and Fox News host Tucker Carlson, however, “a key detail is being left out.”

Namely, that the woman in the video is part of a human smuggling ring, and that her arrest wasn’t incidental, but purposefully carried out due to her actions as part of that ring.

It isn’t just the government and Tucker Carlson saying that, either.

Mark Krikorian, the executive director for the Washington D.C.-based Center for Immigration Studies, agreed with Carlson’s assessment.

Further, he said that law enforcement had tried to get in contact with this woman before, hoping for a more amicable end to the encounter. According to Krikorian, they reached out to her repeatedly.  When she didn’t respond, they went to see her.

When law enforcement showed up, she attempted to flee.

Perla Morales-Luna isn’t the person that anyone should be feeling bad for; she organized a human smuggling ring.

But the left didn’t wait to get the full story.  Instead, they pushed a nonsensical standpoint, trying to paint deportation as a process, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement as an organization, as evil.

They tried to portray a woman involved in human trafficking as some sort of martyr, once again making a saint out of a criminal to push their agenda.

It’s the same thing that the Black Lives Matter organization and its leftist allies did repeatedly during the Obama years.

They deified Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, Freddie Gray, and others, not because there was any evidence that they were treated wrongfully, but because it pushed the media’s preferred narrative.

So, is the left now in favor of human trafficking?  That’s what it sounds like when leftists demand that a human trafficker be released because her kids cried.

The left even demanded that ICE be abolished as the story raged on.

The reality is that the business that Perla Morales-Luna was involved in is a terrifying one.

Many from South of the border are smuggled into the United States by groups like the one Morales-Luna is accused of organizing.

They are brought in on foot by ‘friendly’ coyotes, they are brought in in the back of trucks without air conditioning, they are brought in by tunnel, whatever the case may be.

People like Morales-Luna receive absurdly high payments for bringing people into the United States, or else they essentially enslave the people brought into the country until they pay off their ‘debt’ to the organization that brought them in.

Some even end up on the streets, working as prostitutes.

Democrats have long postured as caring about human trafficking, especially as it often leads to such horrific outcomes.

However, when it gives them a chance to attack President Donald Trump, liberals apparently don’t care that much about the horrors of human trafficking.

Lying by carefully controlling the way that a story is reported is nothing new for the mainstream media (or for the political left).

Perla Morales-Luna got precisely what she had coming.  It’s sad that her children were upset by their mother being taken, but she had multiple chances to turn herself in.

No one FORCED Perla Morales-Luna to organize a human trafficking ring.  She could’ve worked a regular job and earned an honest dollar.

Her arrest is the obvious outcome of her own actions, and democrats complaining about it are, as usual, uninformed.