PUBLISHED: 3:31 PM 26 Oct 2018 Raises $50K In First Hours

The site is designed to distribute donations to 23 key House races.

Pelosi seems to trigger conservatives, and the GOP is using that fact to help stop a complete takeover of Congress.

In a hilarious incident, a website established to distribute campaign donations that could ‘stop Nancy Pelosi’ from becoming Speaker of the House raised over $50,000 in its first hours. The woman who explained the ‘wrap up smear’ has apparently struck a nerve.

On Wednesday, the site “” was launched to help GOP candidates get funds. The move was designed by Rep. Jim Banks, who recognized the massive millions pouring into democrat campaigns was beating the GOP.

The website asks people to donate money to conservatives, and then distributes the funds equally in 23 House of Representatives races. This is the same number of seats democrats need to retake control of the congressional body for the first time since 2010 when they’d passed the hated Obamacare.

It is similar to another site that is also designed to stop democrats from impeaching President Trump if they take over the House.

Banks explained that he was encouraged to act after hearing Pelosi tell CNN this week that she is confident Democrats will win control of the House and that her colleagues will elect her speaker.

“We’ve been talking about it since the beginning of the cycle. All of a sudden we’re here, the election is a little less than two weeks away and she’s already declaring victory,” Banks said. “That was a sucker punch for me.”

He modeled using Act Blue, which funnels donations to Democratic candidates and has had a huge year.

Mr. Banks said “even long-shot candidates are collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to Democrats’ ability to tap small-dollar donors online.”

The average donation to the Pelosi-blocking website was $23, and the massive influx shows that conservative fears of democrats impeaching the most effective President in decades is having an impact.

“Impeachment is on the table. Tax cuts are on the table. They’re going to swamp the administration with investigations,” said Jordan Gehrke, a Republican Party consultant who helped create the site.

Pelosi’s campaign didn’t respond to a request for comment, but given her recent statements, it seems she has little fear that her voters will recognize the misery she’s created.

Gehrke is working for a GOP member running for a House seat in Virginia and said the campaign has recently focused on a stop-Pelosi message. The move has given the GOP candidate a ‘decent advantage.’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott offered to pay Pelosi’s expenses to campaign for Democrats in that state, obviously thinking that she brings a poisonous element to anyone she supports.

“No Californian represents the principles of big government and higher taxes better than California Congresswoman and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi,” Abbott campaign manager John Jackson wrote.

The November midterm election is just as important as the 2016 presidential election, and many people hope conservatives recognize it, and vote in even greater numbers than before.