PUBLISHED: 8:29 PM 26 Oct 2017
UPDATED: 9:34 PM 26 Oct 2017

“Stop Sexual Assault”: Former Vice President Forms Team With Hollywood As Scandal Open

Lady Gag and Joe Biden teamed up to accomplish much good....but it is still quite strange.

Lady Gag and Joe Biden teamed up to accomplish much good....but it is still quite strange.

Lady Gag and Joe Biden teamed up to accomplish much good….but it is still quite strange.

Joe Biden is just plain creepy. That is the word used to describe him more than any other and even young girls cringe from his touch. That is not to say that he has done anything immoral just that he is, well….creepy. For that matter, so is Lady Gaga to some degree, and when the two team up to fight sexual abuse, one has to wonder what in the world they were thinking. The subject is certainly a sensitive on in Hollywood these days with all the scandals opening up.

No one wants to belittle either for using their status to accomplish such good, perish the thought. However, when Information Liberation writes that the pair produced a PSA on the topic, it just sits in the mind strangely, even though much good may come from it. It would be like Mike Tyson coming out to talk about clear speaking skills.

We want to make it real clear, it’s on us – it’s on everyone – to intervene, to stop abuse when they see it and when they hear about it, and to intervene,” Biden proclaims in a video that appeared on the pop star’s Twitter account.

No man has a right to raise a hand to a woman for any reason other than self-defense, ever. Period,” the former Vice President adds. He also speaks about Gaga standing up against the abuse that she faced.

There is nothing wrong with that message whatsoever, it is just that it is being delivered from a man who has a gaze that makes children hide under their beds at night.

I am a sexual assault survivor, and I know the effects, the aftermath, the trauma – psychological, physical, mental,” admits Lady Gaga. “It can be terrifying waking up every day feeling unsafe in your own body.

No matter what is thought of the pop diva, this mirrors what Corey Feldman has said, as well. The only difference is that she is not charging $10 million dollars to say it!

She bravely continues by saying, “But we’re here to remind you that it’s important to reach out to someone in your life that you can trust and to know that they will be there to help you; there will be someone to listen. Because you know what? It’s on us.”

The fact is, this is a brave move that may help a lot of fans of the singer and she is to be praised for having the spine to not back down.

That said, this has to be the most unsettling positive message ever heard.

Source: Information Liberation