Stone Scheme Exposed

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 19 Feb 2020
UPDATED: 5:54 PM 19 Feb 2020

Stone Will Be Sentenced First, Then Execution Suspended While Jury Bias Examined?

This has all the earmarks of a deep state bait and switch, especially since the ‘new’ Stone prosecutor is the guy who just gave Andrew McCabe a walk!

The only reason this is happening is to cover up the huge miscarriage of justice that the 'jury' performed. (Source: Fox News Video Screenshot)

Activist, Obama-appointed federal judge Amy Berman Jackson announced yesterday that she will proceed to sentence Roger Stone on Thursday, but then immediately suspend execution of the sentence until questions about a new trial are examined.

Incidentally, one of the “new” prosecutors tapped by the DOJ to handle the Stone case is none other than J.P. Cooney… the man who “closed” the case against Andrew McCabe without charges. In fact, he did this despite there being ample evidence against McCabe for the same crimes!

This is outrageous… and there’s really only one reason for such a scheme.

Conservative Treehouse explained what’s going on:

Judge Amy Berman-Jackson doesn’t want to deal with; and doesn’t want the optics of; the serious issue surrounding the activist jury foreperson, Tomeka Hart, prior to delivering her sentence.

Within the process to deal with Stone’s motion for a new trial, judge Berman-Jackson knows the petition would involve bringing in Tomeka Hart to her courtroom for questioning.  The judge doesn’t want that damaging political optic prior to delivering her sentence.

Obviously, such an appearance begs the question of how poorly Judge Berman-Jackson handled jury selection.  This CYA is a seriously political and sketchy decision.

Judge Amy Berman-Jackson will pass her sentence on Stone, and then take up the issue of a new trial *AFTER* the sentence is announced.  As a consequence the judge will not carry out execution of the sentence until the Tomeka Hart issues are addressed.  FUBAR.

WASHINGTON – […] In a 12-minute conference call with the defense and prosecution teams on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson said she will still hand down Stone’s sentence at Thursday’s hearing, but indicated she plans to defer the execution of the sentence until the court addresses Stone’s request for a new trial.

[…] Prosecutors told Jackson they were in favor of moving forward with Thursday’s sentencing as planned. But Seth Ginsburg, a lawyer for Stone, argued they should hold off until the motions before the court are fully addressed.

“This issue goes to the heart of this case,” Ginsburg said. “It should be resolved before any further proceedings are had.”

[…] Two newly assigned prosecutors on the case — John Crabb Jr. and J.P. Cooney — made their debuts on behalf of the government on Tuesday. (read more)

As we know, Cooney gave McCabe his walk.

The entire orchestrated circus seems specifically designed to cover the first railroad of Roger Stone, with a second one.