Why Isn’t Hillary Indicted

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 26 Jan 2019

Stone Indictment Highlights Double Standard For Democrats

If lying to investigators warrants a 27-gun FBI raid and arrest, Sarah Sanders asked CNN why Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and other democrats, who have been caught doing the same as allegedly Roger Stone, haven’t been subjected to indictments.

Sarah Sanders asked where the indictments are for James Comey, James Clapper, and Hillary Clitnon, since they have all been caught doing the same as Roger Stone.

Roger Stone was subjected to a 27-gun FBI raid early yesterday morning. An indictment from the special counsel claims he lied to investigators.

But, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders openly wondered if the FBI would be raiding the homes of Hillary Clinton, James Comey and James Clapper. These people have been CAUGHT lying to federal investigators too, so where is their indictments and raids?

“The FBI raided the Florida home of Trump-confidant Roger Stone Friday morning after Stone was indicted by a grand jury on charges with seven counts, including allegedly making false statements to Congress.”

The high-profile indictments were brought by special counsel Robert Mueller in the second year of the Russia collusion investigation, and many people argue that there is absolutely nothing behind the ‘ham sandwich.’

Yesterday, in an early interview with CNN, Sanders wondered if the same standards the FBI is apparently employing with Stone would apply to democrats in the 2016 election who also lied to the FBI.

When asked by CNN about the recent arrest, Sanders said, “We’ll let the courts make the decision. A bigger question is: If this is the standard, will the same standard apply to people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and [James] Clapper?”

Clinton, former FBI director James Comey and former CIA Director James Clapper have all allegedly made false statements or been dishonest with the authorities during moments of official testimony.”

Sanders asked, “Will we see the same people we know have all made false statements? Will that same standard apply? That’s a question we’ll see what happens on that front.”

The answer the American people have regretfully learned from experience is ‘no.’

These liars have continued to walk free, blithely secure n the knowledge that the deep state will protect them from any real embarrassment.

In fact, if it weren’t for Judicial Watch’s continued lawsuits to make the DOJ, State Department and FBI comply with federal law, Americans would never know about the serious abuses of power that went on under the Obama cabal.

Why hasn’t there been indictments against these democrats who’ve lied, destroyed evidence, and committed crimes?

Sanders and the American people have a right to know.