Pistols Banned

PUBLISHED: 8:40 PM 26 Mar 2018

State Takes Next Step In Gun Bans, “Assault Pistols”

60 specific makes and models are included and that is just the beginning.

Delaware seems to be as ignorant about the Constitution as former leader Bill Clinton was.

When former President Bill Clinton pushed through a so-called “assault weapon’s ban,”  it led to MORE people dying, not fewer. Yet, it was also ruled as unconstitutional and thankfully reversed. Crime rates fell once Clinton’s error was undone, but don’t look for gun-snatchers in Delaware to know anything about these truths, as Ammoland reported today.

Senator Bryan Townsend (D-DE) missed his history lessons and has “introduced a new proposed ban on most semiautomatic guns in the Delaware General Assembly on Thursday,” even though it was ruled as unconstitutional before. The “infamous” flaw of justice called the “Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013 (“FSA”)” is being used as a blueprint to ruin the rights of everyone. They even go after what they call “assault pistols.”

Sixty different makes, including “assault pistols” are to be included as the rights of the common man are under full attack. Their reasoning is that, since some shooters abuse their rights, everyone should lose them. This, however, is like saying that since some people use their car as a weapon, all cars should be taken away.

A new class called “copycat weapons” is not even clearly defined and could also be taken away!

The proposed legislation “falsely asserts that these firearms are used disproportionately to their ownership in mass shootings and the murders of police,” and tries to push that lie as being vital to public safety. The obvious problem here is, as history has shown everyone, giving up freedom for safety will only bring more hardship and less safety.

On one hand, Townsend inaccurately implies that assault weapons are more deadly than other guns (stats do NOT support this notion in any way), but says also that guns that “look” like such guns need to be banned. That is akin to saying that someone who looks like a criminal should also go to jail.

These are not firearms used in home defense like handguns or for hunting like other types of rifles. They are derived from the battlefield, and their purpose is to kill in large numbers.

In that statement, the foolish democrat also loses focus and purpose. Where or for what purpose a weapon was made does not matter since the right to own such weapons “shall not be infringed upon,” according to the nation’s founding document.

There is no room for compromise or amendments on this,” warned Jeff Hague, “president of Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association told Delaware Online.” He has found that even throwing stars could be outlawed as the overreach grows and grows.

This is bad legislation and we will not support it in any manner,” he added.

Of course, no one in the nation should support such actions or legislation. As Bill Clinton found out, these kinds of restrictions are not only illegal, but they make everyone more likely to die at the hands of a gunman.

Those are just the simple facts.