State Voter Fraud

PUBLISHED: 4:54 PM 14 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 8:24 PM 14 Mar 2018

State Sued Over Election Fraud, Where Is The Special Counsel?

Critics are pointing out that the DOJ doesn’t seem interested in actual voter fraud.

Rick Santorum beat the incumbent PA Senator in 1994 because the courts uncovered systematic voter fraud. Could it happen again five years later?

As the votes continue to be counted, the special election in Pennsylvania is down to the wire. Ahead of republican candidate Rick Saccone by a razor-thin margin of just over 600 votes, democratic candidate Connor Lamb might win a seat that normally goes to a republican unopposed.

Pennsylvania officials have been concealing the abhorrent levels of illegal voters since the investigation of voter fraud in the 1994 State Senate election. Democrats are still using the same tactic as 100,000 non-citizens are identified on the voter rolls.

Many republicans are watching the vote count and are baffled by the surprising turn out of democrats. The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) sued the state of Pennsylvania at the end of February for concealing the fact that non-citizens remain on the voter rolls.

Testifying before the state legislature, one Pennsylvania election official has revealed shocking facts about special election. An estimated 100,000 foreign citizens are registered to vote in the state of Pennsylvania.

The total number does not include possible felons or deceased persons who remain registered. The scandal was hinted at last fall.

Secretary of State for Pennsylvania, Pedro Cortes, resigned immediately following the salacious rumors last year. Leading up to the special election, the state declared all analytics from the incident be kept confidential and hidden from public review.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, a non-profit government watchdog, is suing the state for the actual data used to identify the 100,000 non-citizens. The group says the information is vital to the correction of the state voter rolls.

President Trump attempted to correct this very issue the week he was sworn into office. His election commission was disbanded a week later because states like Pennsylvania refused to release voter rolls to the federal government.

Voter fraud is a felony offense. The federal government used to believe that anyone trying to undermine the sovereignty of American elections should be apprehended and tried.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has full authority to compel the states to release the information in accordance to federal law. While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from anything Russia related, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein only has eyes for Robert Mueller and his Special Council.

In the most recent rounds of indictments, Robert Mueller named a dozen Russians as internet trolls. Rosenstein was forced to admit that no Americans are connected to the Russian trolls, nor were any votes changed because of their efforts.

Investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Rosenstein has become obsessed with impeaching the president. Rosenstein is ignoring actual voter fraud being carried out in a special election.

In charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Rosenstein has displayed little interest in preserving the foundations of democracy. The Justice Department has left the security of the 2018 elections to independent agencies.

Using civil litigation to expose the rampant fraud in Pennsylvania, the PILF is trying to bring to light this national epidemic. A blight upon the American institutions, the illegal votes being counted in elections are proof of foreign interference.

People who illegally register to vote, violate federal law and violate a second law if they proceed to cast a vote. The organizations that promote or harbor illegal voters are also committing crimes.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation has recently provided evidence of voter fraud to the courts of Texas. In a pending lawsuit against the Starr County, Texas, indications that dead people, including a known politician, are casting votes alongside illegal immigrants.

Texas Senate Select Committee on Election Security declared the body would have had no idea about the malfeasance if not for the efforts of PILF. The State of Texas thanked the organization for helping them identify a real problem amidst an election season.

Some states, like Pennsylvania, have passed legislation aimed to prevent people from illegally casting votes. Failing to enforce state laws, some legislators in the state of Pennsylvania refuse to recognize the obvious corruption.

Remnants of another Obama scandal, the administration of the previous government failed to maintain the sanctity of state elections. The federal government is tasked with forcing states to stay up to date and current with their voter rolls.

Not once did the Obama administration inquire over states election security. In every federal election during Obama’s eight years in office, hundreds of counties reported more registered voters than the living voting-age residents.