Abortion Ban Passed

PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM 7 Mar 2018

State Senate Passes Earliest Abortion Ban, No Procedures After 15 Weeks

Opponents say the bill is unconstitutional.

Mississippi lawmakers pass thr most restrictive abortion ban in America.

While the Democrats have been campaigning on the platform that a woman should have the right to do whatever she wants with her own body, the conservatives have been the only lawmakers in Congress who are steadily defending life.

Ever since Roe v. Wade, the liberals have been inching towards zero regulations when it comes to late-term abortions. They even want insurance and taxpayers to cover the expense. However, they have finally gone too far and lawmakers in Mississippi are taking action.

Earlier this week, the Mississippi Senate passed a bill that, if signed by Gov. Phil Bryant, would protect unborn children from being aborted after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Needless to say, this is a huge win for conservatives and pro-life advocates, who have been trying to convince the dense Democrats that late-term abortion is nothing short of murder.

The early cut-off date in the bill makes it unusual and angers a lot of pro-choice advocates. The owner of the only abortion clinic in the state is outraged over the decision and has declared it unconstitutional.

According to The Hill, Gov. Bryant is expected to sign the bill making it law in the state of Mississippi. Currently, in the state, it is illegal for women to terminate their pregnancies after 20 weeks. However, House Bill 1510 will set that restriction back to 15 weeks.

When the bill was originally written, it also included that physicians who perform these types of procedures must comply with the new law or face felony charges. Alas, that part did not make it in the final bill that passed the state Senate on Tuesday.

The only exceptions to the law would be in cases of medical emergency or if the fetus has some sort of severe abnormality. What’s more, the new bill does not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

Not everyone in Mississippi is thrilled about lawmakers’ bold action to protect life. Jackson Women’s Health Organization admitted that the bill would force them to turn certain patients away and refer them somewhere out-of-state.

The clinic owner, Diane Derzis and other Mississippi Democrats are arguing that the new bill defending life is unconstitutional, citing the decision of the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade. Derzis told reporters that she feels the court’s decision is clearly in jeopardy.

“Roe is clearly in danger and that’s what they’re preparing for,” she explained. “They hope by the time they get to the Supreme Court they will have changed the Supreme Court,” Derzis added.

Well, it’s about time. For too long the Democrats have given no thought to life and condoned late-term abortions. But now the conservatives are saying enough is enough. After eight years of liberals running the show with an Obama administration, conservatives are finally sticking up for what they believe.

Conservatives will no longer allow the Democrats to condemn them for defending what they know is right. Bottom line, time is up for the Democrats’ antics.

If Gov. Bryant signs the bill, it would become the most restrictive abortion ban in the country. And hopefully, it is only the beginning. While the bill is now headed back to the lower chamber for lawmakers to have a final look before sending it to Bryant, the Mississippi governor said he is “looking forward” to signing it. He encouraged the House to pass it after lawmakers comb through it once more.

Bryant told reporters that he has every intention of signing the bill due to the fact that he wants to make sure his state is the “safest” place in American for unborn children.

“I have repeatedly said, I want Mississippi to be the safest place in America for an unborn child,” Bryant insisted.

The Republican governor went on to argue that “House Bill 1510 will help us achieve that goal, and I encourage the House to pass it and look forward to signing it,” he added.

With this bold action, Mississippi lawmakers have just made huge strides in protecting unborn children, but lawmakers across America must follow their lead. If the bill passes, other states are sure to follow.

Democratic lawmakers, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Maxine Waters may not stop fighting for a woman’s right to murder her unborn child, but luckily we have lawmakers who are not afraid to stand up to the liberal intimidation strategy.

According to liberal logic, terminating a pregnancy after 20 weeks isn’t murder, but when a mentally-ill gunman opens fire in school it is, and they move to confiscate everyone’s guns. But what about the countless unborn children who need protecting? Do they no deserve protections, too?

The Democrats will put illegal immigrants over federal workers and force a government shutdown over 800,000 DACA recipients, who were brought to America illegally as children, yet refuse to stand up for the defenseless children who played no role in their current circumstance.