Lawmaker Abandons Outhouses

PUBLISHED: 10:54 PM 16 Mar 2018

State Lawmaker Withdraws Bill That Would Have Banned Outhouses

He now says it should be left to the local municipalities.

In America today, men and woman may use the wrong bathroom, but they may not use an outhouse on their own land, at least if Price gets his way.

Yesterday, those who cherish liberty and freedom were left aghast as Hawaiian officials were working tirelessly to stop people from building the kinds of homes that they want. Sadly, government overstepping their bounds is common in just about all fifty states, and Yahoo News shows today that those in Rhode Island are discovering that truth the hard way.

The state may be as far away from Hawaii as possible, but the heavy hand of government knows no geographical limits. Representative Justin Price (R-RI) “introduced a bill that would ban outhouses in the state” but is now “withdrawing the legislation.” Somehow, Price felt that it was Uncle Sam’s job to tell someone where they may relieve themselves on their own land! This lawmaker wants them abandoned, filled up, and destroyed.

It is not as the wayward G.O.P. member has seen the light of liberty. He just feels that “the issue should be addressed by local municipalities” instead of the state. In other words, he thinks that municipalities are there to take away rights, not anyone else.

His mindless bill would have made it so that any outhouse that was still standing and/or in use as of Jan. 1, 2019 would need to be “abandoned, filled up and destroyed” within a year’s time.

The question remains, what right does he have to make such demands?

Neighbors were said to have been within “sniffing distance” of the outhouse, and this problem led to Price breaking out the iron fist of tyranny over it. Making someone move the outhouse so that the smell is not as powerful or making it so that only offensive smelling outhouses were subject to regulations would have made a bit more sense.

If the municipalities do decide to play God in everyone’s life, those refusing to destroy their outhouses “could have faced up to a $1,000 fine.

While there are not likely very man active outhouses in 2018, those who chose to rely on the tried and true practice of using one should be free to do so.

Everday, the citizens of America awaken to some new law, measure, regulation, or restriction that limits what they can do. ALL of these actions run counter to the Constitution and ALL of them should be sent to the fireplace due to that fact.

The people have the power to make that happen. If they don’t, then law enforcement will be showing up on people’s porches telling them where they may relieve themselves.

Does the U.S. really want such a nanny state?