PUBLISHED: 11:34 PM 11 Jan 2018

State Department Reports Obama Administration Showered With $1.5 Million ‘Gifts,’ Missing Items Retained

Obama received many gifts from shady nations.

Obama received many gifts from shady nations.

Former President Barack Obama often times displayed shocking behavior that led many to believe he cared more about appeasing other countries than standing up for America.

And according to a new report, it appears he was showered in expensive gifts for selling off American influence and power over the course of his eight years in office.

As noted by The Western Journal, Obama and other administration officials received nearly $1.5 million worth of gifts during his two-term presidency.

The State Department’s Protocol Office released its report Wednesday on the Obama’s administration, which they do every year.

Government officials are legally allowed to accept gifts from foreign leaders if refusing the gift would cause “embarrassment” on behalf of the individuals offering said gift.

So when Obama was offered more than $2,000 worth of cigars, rum, and other gifts from Cuban President Raul Castro – a dictator who starved, tortured, and killed his own people – he had no problem accepting gifts from the regime.

Obama had no problem appearing the Cuba regime.

Perhaps that’s why Obama was so determined to ease the U.S. ban on Cuban liquor and tobacco, as he was bribed and swayed by the regime.

Documents reveal that Obama received a $1,800 bottle of Siglo Rum and a $4,000 bottle of Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac, and there whereabouts remained “questionable.”

Castro also gave former first lady Michelle Obama and her two daughter’s white linen dresses, which were valued at $1,164.

The report revealed that Italian President Sergio Mattarella gifted the Obama family with bottles of wine and the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef gave the Democrats a 36-inch sword — valued at $87,900 — for his commitment to the Islamic nation.

The generous gift from the Saudi Royal Family probably came after Obama spent years appeasing and defending radical Islamic terrorists.

The most expensive gift the Obama’s received was an ornate, gold-plate brooch decorated with rubies and diamonds, a gold clutch purse with a diamond and emerald clasp, as well as a pair of diamond and gold teardrop earrings.

The generous gift from the king of Morocco was valued at roughly $101,200, and was reportedly given turned over to the National Archives. With Obama selling off American influence for eight years, it’s no wonder world leaders thanked him for helping them out for so long.

Source: The Western Journal