Gender “At Birth”

PUBLISHED: 6:18 PM 27 Feb 2020

State Considers Bill To Protect High School Sports Using ‘Biological’ Gender

The bill is one of many that are being proposed around the country, which seeks to re-level the playing field for women who have suffered under recent transgender ‘freedoms.’

The bill introduced in the Senate mirrors one circulating the House. (Source: United for Missouri YouTube Screenshot)

A Missouri State Senator has introduced a bill that would restrict High School sports teams to members based on their gender “at birth.” According to a recent report, Cindy O’Laughlin has argued that transgender athletes have a biologically unfair advantage by being able to compete in women’s sports.

“It is a known biological fact that males are born with categorically superior strength, speed and endurance,” O’Laughlin said during an education committee hearing this week. “It has nothing to do with any other issue than trying to create a fair playing field.”

Fox News reported:

Under current Missouri law, transgender athletes who want to play on teams that don’t match their assigned birth must apply to the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), submitting medical records and other relevant documentation. Transgender women must prove they’ve been on testosterone blockers for a year and stick with them.

Opponents of O’Laughlin’s proposal have dismissed her biological claims, arguing that Missouri’s current laws on the matter already provide a fair vetting process.

“They have provided fair and inclusive parameters for inclusion in sports,” Jennifer Mock, a mom of transgender athlete, told KY3. “These parameters allow my son to play the game [of hockey] he’s always wanted to play with his childhood peers.”

A similar bill aimed at restricted transgender athletes from competing on teams other than their sex at birth is making the rounds in the state’s House. For either to pass, it must be approved by the General Assembly before getting put on the ballot for a vote, KY3 reported.

However, many people argue that despite hormone blockers and other treatments, the fairness of the issue boils down to real biological gender, not mental perception.