State Attorney Commits Fraud

PUBLISHED: 9:10 PM 22 Feb 2018

State Attorney Conspired With Abortion Group To Trap Pro-Life Members

This all came as a shock in court.

A primary witness for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman admitted that she created a "fraudulent" Facebook page just to entrap pro-life counselors.

In what many news outlets described as a shocking revelation, a primary witness for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman admitted that she created a “fraudulent” Facebook page just to entrap pro-life counselors. Believe it or not, the attorney general’s office was fully aware that she had made this move, and never instructed her to stop or at least delete the information she gleaned from her blatant fraud.

What seems even worse about this issue is the fact that the attorney general’s office equipped this woman with a concealed video camera in order to record pro-life counselors in front of an abortion clinic. Apparently, this information was revealed in a New York courtroom. In addition, some news outlets pointed out that the primary witness is pro-abortion.

Naturally, we’re talking about a very controversial situation, considering the domino effect this could create for Schneiderman, who is assisting Special Counsel Robert Mueller on his Russian investigation.

Apparently, the startling testimony came during a hearing last Thursday, conducted by U.S.  Federal District Court Judge Carol Bagley Amon, to determine whether she should grant Schneiderman’s request for a preliminary injunction prohibiting pro-life sidewalk counselors from coming within less than 18 feet of the Choices Women’s Medical Center in the Jamaica neighborhood. This area is located in New York City.

Different reports point out that when Thomas More Law Center (TMLC) attorney Tyler Brooks decided to cross-examine the woman, she admitted creating the Facebook account under the false name of Shelly Walker.

What seems even worse is the fact that she described her elaborate scheme to entrap the unwary pro-life counselors named in the Attorney General’s lawsuit. Legal analysts believe these elements would definitely represent an incredible damage both to the woman and Schneiderman.

Moreover, reports explained that she went to great lengths to invent an entirely fabricated identity, using someone else’s picture she had found on the internet. Furthermore, she decided to list her occupation on the fake profile as a bank teller and stated that she was from Saginaw, Michigan.

What seems even more incredible in this case is the fact that she decided to post some weather reports from Saginaw in order to make everyone believe she was there.

Far from stopping there, the primary witness made some other moves in order to make her Facebook personality of Shelly Walker appear legitimate and prevent to raise any red flag.

She explained that one of the most important was to sent out hundreds of friend requests, friending hundreds of pro-lifers throughout the United States.

Apparently, this woman purposely searched out pro-lifers and conservative groups and even claimed to be a hardcore supporter of pro-life Catholic priest Father Frank Pavone and Ted Cruz.

What seems even more disgraceful is the fact that she also decided to fabricate an emotional fake personal story of being talked into an abortion by her husband, whom she later divorced.

According to different reports, Schneiderman boasted of his crack-down on impersonations, fake identities, and fraud on the internet.

He made these comments at the end of January, speaking on NPR’s All Things Considered. Naturally, now that the truth has been revealed, the New York Attorney General’s image could be severely damaged.

At that moment, Schneiderman said that his office’s primary focus was on impersonations of real people, considering the collateral damages.

Moreover, he pointed out that he’s really concerned about New Yorkers whose identities might have been used by someone for the wrong purposes.

Finally, the New York Attorney General said that his office has been looking into certain issues related to fake identities on the internet. In addition, he claimed that impersonation is a serious crime in New York.

Regarding this terrible controversy, TMLC’s president and chief counsel Richard Thompson had some strong words against Schneiderman and his office.

He stated that he felt appalled at the Attorney General’s lack of respect for the First Amendment and the way his office encouraged and used fraudulent means to get information so he could easily persecute peaceful pro-life citizens. Thompson pointed out that these people are just the voice of the voiceless.

Finally, the TMLC’s president and chief counsel said that Schneiderman has forsaken his responsibilities as an independent law enforcement officer and is now acting as nothing more than an agent of the powerful abortion industry.

Given this ugly controversy, many believe that Mueller might cut ties at any moment now.