PUBLISHED: 5:37 PM 3 Feb 2017
UPDATED: 6:35 PM 3 Feb 2017

Start Your Engines! Protester “Run Over” Bill Now Spreading To Multiple States, Legal To Ram Libs

States running over protesters

Start Your Engines!

Driving a car is a serious responsibility. Drivers must at all times remain cognizant and aware of their surroundings, careful not to cause harm to themselves or those nearby. While some accidents cannot be avoided, protesters have done a great job lately at increasing the odds for motorists.

If the driver hits the protester, should the driver be responsible for that?

Now, several states are starting to say no.

These states are considering bills that would target protesters deciding to block and disrupt traffic. Indiana Republican state Senator Jim Tomes proposed a measure calling on police to use any means necessary to disperse crowds that block traffic, while another Republican in North Dakota, Keith Kempenich, proposed a bill that would stop a motorist from taking punishment should they hit a protester.

All in all, these bills are designed to stop protesters from blocking traffic and disrupting the everyday lives of other citizens. Just look at what has happened in the country.


They’re Blocking Streets!

Protesters that want to denounce President Donald Trump’s executive orders are completely disrupting the flow of everyday life. Protesters blocked traffic in front of the airport in Los Angeles, causing police in riot gear to confine them to a different area. However that didn’t work as motorists who got caught in the protest missed their flights.

Naturally, civil rights groups say that the bill sponsors are really seeking to undermine protesters. They are prepared to fight these bills in court should they become law. No you morons, they are designed to stop protesters from interfering with people that don’t want to be there.

Kempenich said he drafted his bill because of concerns from relatives who described protesters walking in front of their cars as they were driving near the demonstrations. Not to mention that these protests have gotten large and out of control several times, leading drivers to sometimes be afraid.

“There’s a First Amendment right to assemble,” Kempenich said to Fox News. “But there’s also the First Amendment right of people who don’t have to pay attention to it” and shouldn’t have to be bothered when they are passing through.

“When people get aggressive, then the peaceful assembly [right] protected in the First Amendment disappears.” He’s not wrong. During some of the protests over Trump winning the election, motorists were left helpless as protesters started attacking their cars. One lady had her windshield cracked because of these violent protests.

Liberal protesters cause violence

How Is This Peaceful?

Kempenich said of his relatives’ experiences, “Protesters stood in front of their cars and flashed signs in front of them. If they’d hit the gas instead of their break, someone would have been hurt.” That reason is exactly why these bills are being passed.

It’s a bang-bang action. Motorists shouldn’t get in trouble because of these protesters freaking the drivers out when they surround the car and start damaging them. How many of you would freak out a bit and just hit the gas?

Naturally there are critics of the bill. Lee Rowland, a staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, has said that these measures are unnecessary because localities and states already have laws that forbid the intentional disruption of traffic, including Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota.

That might be true, but how many of these protesters are going to obey that if there is a huge group of them? Then when police do get there, the protesters will get violent and a bigger issue erupts.

Democratic Sen. Karen Tillian challenged the wording in Tomes’ bill. Tomes released a statement that said, “The object of this measure is very simple. We need to keep our streets and interstates open to commerce, traffic, motorists and emergency personnel.”

This bill, along with others that say the driver won’t get penalized for running over protesters, is the legal protection we need. It’s not right for protesters to block traffic and then sue the driver for hitting people if this freaks out the driver.


Block The Streets And See What Happens

Unfortunately there have been a tremendous amount of protests across the nation. One of the bigger ones occurred when Donald Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States. There were over 50 groups there, and most of them were tied to George Soros.

However there is a new law that is in place that is sure to make protesters change their minds. The new law would charge protesters that cause damage to be charged with economic terrorism. They would have to face stiffer penalties if they get convicted of these charges.

Share this article to show that more and more states are getting tired of dealing with the protesters. They are creating more laws that target them if they are interfering with the public. Some say you can run them over if they corner you, and others have the police deal with them. Regardless, protesters are going to learn the hard way that they can’t disrupt everyday life anymore.