Bogus Charges Dropped

PUBLISHED: 4:27 PM 15 May 2018

St. Louis Prosecutor Drops Blackmail Case Against Republican Gov. Greitens

The prosecution dropped the entire case after Gov. Greitens threatened to call the prosecutor as a witness.

Missouri prosecutors dropped the entire case against Greitens.

The entire case against Missouri Republican Gov. Eric Greitens was dropped on Monday when his legal team threatened to call St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who was prosecuting the case, to the witness stand, according to NBC News.

The prosecutor’s move comes after Greitens legal team exposed Gardner of allowing William Tisaby, the private investigator she hired, to commit perjury and withhold evidence from the defense. She was trying to set-up Greitens, and she got busted for it.

Greitens was indicted by a St. Louis, Missouri grand jury last month on felony invasion of privacy charges, but the charges have been dropped.

She dropped the case because she knew she instructed Tisaby to lie and withhold evidence, otherwise, she would have testified under oath that she never did so.

After the charges were dropped, Greitens slammed the “political witch hunt” against him and said he has maintained his innocence since the allegations fire arose.

Greitens allegedly blackmailed a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair with, and reportedly had a photograph of an encounter.

He allegedly had a picture of her blindfolded and with her hands tied, and was threatening to release it to the public if she spoke about their affair. He admitted to the affair, but denies ever blackmailing the woman.

The case being dropped on Monday shows the prosecution got busted for lying and withholding evidence, and they apparently have no confidence in their own ability to argue the case before a judge.

Despite vindication in the courtroom, he is still fighting for his political life as liberal lawmakers in the Missouri House of Representatives and Senate are trying to set up a special legislative session to impeach the governor this Friday.

So, he was completely vindicated on Monday as the entire case was dropped against him, yet democrats in the state are still claiming that he should be impeached from office despite no credible evidence to support the salacious claim?

Democrats want him gone so they have an opportunity to fill his seat with a liberal.

Regardless of whether liberals appoint a member of Gardner’s office or a special prosecutor, he’s not quite out of the woods yet. He’s also facing charges of felony election charges for allegedly using funds from a charity mailing list for his campaign.

Greitens, a former Navy SEAL officer, has maintained his innocence from all charges since January, and claims he has never broken the law. Time will tell what liberals throw his way next, but he is not backing down from the fight.

And he shouldn’t after it was just proven that Gardner lied and tried to withhold evidence.