Ingraham Battles

PUBLISHED: 11:03 PM 4 Apr 2018

Sponsors And Network Continue To Support Laura Ingraham

Many jumped to defend David Hogg in this argument but others are solidly behind Ingraham.

Ingraham viewers are fighting back against Hogg and the companies.

The battle between Fox News’ Laura Ingraham and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school student David Hogg rages on.

After Ingraham made some rather harsh comments about Hogg, he not only rejected her apology but in true snowflake fashion, he actually called on advertisers to boycott her show, The Ingraham Angle. A couple of companies took the bait and indeed began boycotting. Now, these companies are in shock as conservatives have launched their own boycott in support of Laura Ingraham and against the fair-weather companies that pulled their advertising over the “bully” comments made by Hogg.

It all started with the national media’s treatment of David Hogg as the newest darling. Hogg is a student and survivor of the Valentine’s Day Parkland, Florida school shooting. He is purportedly supposed to be finishing his senior year, but Hogg is everywhere except in the classroom.  It seems he is on every media outlet and at every anti-gun rally across the United States.

Hogg was immediately on camera after the shooting and has since become the mainstream media’s newest millennial rock star. Many conservatives have criticized Hogg for being so opportunistic with the media interviews, and some have even accused him of being a hired actor.

Ingraham could barely hide her discontent over the arrogant nature Hogg displays on camera.

So, Ingraham took to Twitter and made fun of Hogg not being able to get into four colleges. Hogg was upset. Ingraham issued an apology, which did seem heartfelt. Ingraham is a devout Catholic and said that in the spirit of the Holy Week leading up to Easter, she did apologize for upsetting Hogg and the other brave victims of the Parkland massacre. However, Hogg categorically refused to accept the apology.

He also took to Twitter, criticizing Ingraham for a fake apology, issued just so she could save her advertiser dollars. Hogg continued by saying, “I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight”.

That was still not enough for Hogg, who then contacted 12 of her advertisers urging them to pull their advertising. Keep in mind, Hogg is not urging boycotting because of the NRA or Ingraham’s stance on guns—no, it is because she made fun of him.

Actually, Ingraham wasn’t really even making fun of Hogg’s GPA. She was commenting on the fact that Hogg was whining about UCLA not readily accepting him. Apparently, Hogg couldn’t understand why UCLA would just not want him gracing their campus this fall. Ingraham simply commented that given UCLA’s acceptance demographics, Hogg’s GPA was simply too low.

Ingraham also reminded viewers that she was the first to have Hogg on her show after the shooting and that she admired him for being so young and so poised in the face of such a horrific tragedy.

After Hogg’s statements, Ingraham even invited him back on the show for a productive discussion.

This past weekend, CNN interviewed the sneering teenager, who explained that he wholeheartedly rejected Ingraham’s apology because she was a bully: “No matter who somebody is, no matter how big or powerful they may seem, a bully is a bully, and it’s important that you stand up to them.”

Despite Ingraham’s on-air apology, several companies capitulated to the teen’s tirade; Johnson & Johnson, Wayfair, Stitch Fix, Trip Advisor, Expedia, Hulu, Jenny Craig and Rachael Ray’s Nutrish pet food (parent company Nestle) all began boycotting The Ingraham Angle.

Trip Advisor, for example, said that Ingraham was the adult and had crossed the line of decency by picking on Hogg’s GPA.

Conservatives were not going to stand for it. Many say there is definitely bullying, but it’s Hogg who is the bully and Ingraham who is the victim.

Conservative groups then began rallying for Ingraham and against these snowflake companies by launching their own grassroots social media boycott of the companies.

Conservatives said the time for being passive and letting things go was over; they urged like-minded people to not give in to the left and to call the boycotting companies to let them know they are losing loyal customers because of their actions.

Now, these companies might be wondering what’s worse—pulling their Fox advertising in response to Hogg, or now having a whole lot more consumers not buying their products.

One person tweeted: “Make sure you boycott EVERYTHING Nestle since they decided to capitulate to teen tyrants. Adults with real jobs and money, tell Nestle to pound sand.”

Another outraged gentleman said, “My wife just cancelled her @JennyCraig membership, for their cowardly decision to pull advertising from #LauraIngraham.”

Some Twitter followers even started a #IStandWithLaura movement. One asked, “Who tries to financially ruin those who disagree with them?”

A spoiled teenager embarrassed by his mediocre GPA—that’s who.

Through it all, Fox News has supported Ingraham. Company co-president Jack Abernethy said that his company won’t allow censorship of voices like Ingraham’s by “agenda-driven intimidation efforts.”

It all seems to be a bit much now for Hogg, who is now whining that this was never what he intended. Nevertheless, he epitomizes the perfect victim and the thus the perfect poster boy for the left, as victimization obviously entitles you to say whatever and do whatever you want, regardless of the impact on others.

Many conservatives say that Hogg is growing more arrogant by the minute because of all the media attention focused on him. He has 600,000 Twitter followers already. Hogg should wake up and smell the coffee, finish high school, have a fun summer, go to college, and stop letting the left manipulate him for their own sinister purposes.

Laura Ingraham is off this week on Fox News, with Jason Chaffetz filling in for her. Despite the tongue wagging in the mainstream media, saying Ingraham was forced into taking leave, Chaffetz said that Ingraham has had the vacation planned for at least a month and that he’s been on the schedule the whole time as a guest host.