Dem Call For Violence

PUBLISHED: 10:19 PM 8 Oct 2018

Special Ed Teacher Called For Violence Against Newly-Minted SCOTUS Judge

She asked who would be ready to "Kill Kavanaugh" for the team, which suggests that others think like her.

A special education teacher called for violence against the newest judge on the SCOTUS.

Now that the process of confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court has finally come to an end, as the old song said, it’s “all over but the crying.” The crying, however, has turned out to be extremely interesting, especially given how the left whipped their supporters into a frenzy over the vote, and some, like a special education teacher in Minnesota, have reacted with insanity.

This teacher demanded that someone “kill Kavanaugh” for her political “team” in a shocking display of partisanship, and the school responded. Now, many people wonder why she was ever allowed around children in the first place.

A special ed teacher in Minnesota asked on Twitter who was going to “take one for the team” and kill the newly-minted SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Now, she’s already seeing backlash for her inane comment.

The teacher, who some have identified as ‘Samantha Ness,’ posted the tweet calling for murder against a man who has done nothing wrong.

Although the teacher posted an open call to murder a judge, the Minneapolis Star Tribune has decided not to post the identity of the teacher.

The teacher is, however, listed as an instructor at the Alliance Education Center in Rosemount, Minnesota.

She has deleted her Twitter account since first posting the tweet on Saturday, shortly after Kavanaugh filled the vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

However, multiple people took screenshots of her tweet, and dozens of users reported the disturbing call to action and violence to the federal government, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Secret Service.

Mark A. Zurek, who is currently the superintendent of Independent School District 917, updated his school district’s website, to include information about a complaint concerning one of the district’s employees.

He said that the complaint was received over the weekend, and that, pending the outcome of the investigation, the teacher had been put on paid administrative leave.

The tweet came just hours after Kavanaugh overcame a number of uncorroborated allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct to become the newest member of the United States Supreme Court.

When he managed to do so, Kavanaugh also brought great diversity to the court.

His initial class of four law clerks was the first in history to be made up entirely of females.

He also, in his first official day as a justice, managed to hire as many African American clerks as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had managed to hire in her entire 25 years on the court.

Calls to a phone number listed for the teacher were not returned.

At this point, it is unclear if the teacher will even be charged with a crime, or who will be the one to charge her.

Normally, threats sent over the internet, especially to people across state lines, would be the bailiwick of the FBI, who would investigate and arrest suspects.

However, certain political and appointed officers in the United States fall under a different set of rules, and threats made against such people are investigated by other forces.

If Brett Kavanaugh was an elected congressman, or a senator, or the President of the United States of America, the US Secret Service would be the appropriate group to look into the threat.

However, since the pink-haired special education teacher decided to threaten a federal judge, it is the United States Marshals, as servants of the federal courts, who will likely carry out the investigation, and who will, if necessary, arrest the person who made such an unhinged call to violence.

In recent years, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Minnesota, in conjunction with the U.S. Marshal, has prosecuted at least two different people for making similar threats, though they targeted federal judges who worked in U.S. District Courts.

Last month, a former candidate for mayor, Robert Phillips Ivers, was convicted for threatening to kill a federal judge who was overseeing a civil suit that he had brought forward.

Khaalid Abdulkadir is serving out a term on probation after he tweeted death threats against a federal judge and a number of federal agents.

The most disturbing thing is that some special education teacher, an employee of the state government, decided that it was somehow appropriate for her to call for the murder of a SCOTUS Justice.

She will still continue to receive payments from the state government, until the investigation has been fully carried out.