Mueller Team Busted

PUBLISHED: 1:45 PM 11 Sep 2020
UPDATED: 8:01 PM 11 Sep 2020

Special Counsel Busted: 15 Phones ‘Erased’ After IG Made Official Request

There is only one reason you defy the inspector general and ‘accidentally’ erase the communication devices used… to cover the illegal coup you’ve been conducting.

Yeesh. (Source: Free USA News You Tube Screenshot)

Newly released records showcase the untruths told by Robert Mueller while under oath, but additional information also shows that the Special Counsel erased 15 devices AFTER the inspector general requested them for review.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Newly released records [SEE HERE] from a FOIA show the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel team “accidentally” wiped 15 iPhones of data early in 2018 after the phones were requested by the office of inspector general for review.

Mueller’s lead investigator Andrew Weissmann accidentally wiped two phones himself; through a lengthy process of entering the wrong passcode several times over a period of three hours; removing data to show his activity during the special counsel.

Weissmann claimed to have entered the wrong password (takes ten attempts) and that erased all the data.  Greg Andre, a former deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s criminal division, made the same claim.

Wiping your phone to hide damaging information only works if the other phone you are communicating with wipes the same data.  Guess what happened?  Yup, exactly that.

James Quarles III who worked with Mueller in private practice at the Washington office of Wilmer-Hale, claimed his iPhone magically erased itself.

Before joining the special counsel team Rush Atkinson worked under Andrew Weissmann in the DOJ’s criminal fraud section where he specialized in financial fraud.  Atkinson claims he too entered the wrong password ten times and accidentally erased all the data.

At least twelve other people assigned to the special counsel investigation had similar “phone wiped/erased” issues which blocked the inspector general from his review.

One “accidental” method used repeatedly was to place the iPhone in airplane mode and then lock it without providing the password.  Retrieval attempts then erased all data, and returned to factory settings after unsuccessful passcode entries.

[PDF Link Available Here]

As we have previously mentioned the two-year Weissmann/Mueller special counsel, May 2017 through April 2019, was a continuum of the corrupt DOJ and FBI efforts that originated prior to the 2016 election.

Many of the internal FBI and DOJ officials just transferred from the Clinton email investigation, into the Crossfire Hurricane investigation, and then into the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel investigation.

The corrupt activity within the special counsel tenure was actually worse than the corrupt activity that preceded it.

To give you an idea how difficult it is to wipe the iPhone, watch this video.

This was not done “accidentally”:

This is important. As previously mentioned the corrupt activity by the special counsel, during the spygate/surveillance/impeachment continuum, was actually much more severe than the corrupt DOJ and FBI activity that preceded it.

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