Concert Chaos

PUBLISHED: 6:54 PM 13 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 6:54 PM 13 Aug 2018

Spanish “Chaos” Scene As Horror Strikes At Rap Concert

Everyone pulled together in a way that is not often seen.

When a rapper at a music festival in Spain asked for people to jump around, they did...and the pier broke from under them.

Rap music gets a bad…well, rap, and sometimes, it is deserved. However, in Spain when rapper Rels B instructed the crowd to jump up and down at the start of his next song, he could never have guessed what was to happen. The Daily Mail has reported that over 300 people were injured when the joyous revelry caused a pier to collapse “into the sea during an urban music festival” called the ‘O Marisquiño’ event.

Five party goers are in serious condition and have “suffered broken arms or legs and head injuries after the wooden structure gave way.” According to reports, people looked like dominoes as they fell, one onto another, as the pier bucked beneath them.

Blessedly, no one reportedly died in the collapse, yet divers were dispatched just to ensure everyone was safe. Firemen used “thermal cameras to scan the wreckage for anyone trapped.”

The best part about the story is the fact that, the moment that those who escaped harm were freed, they did not flee the unstable structure and leave others to their fate. Instead, it is reported that everyone who was “saved from the fall helped the injured right away.”

Aitana Alonso was at the festival and said, “The floor gave way beneath us as if we were in a lift. It was a question of five seconds. The platform broke and we all fell.”

He added to the Diario de Vigo news outlet, “People landed on top of me. I tried to get out and couldn’t. My foot ended up stuck in the water but I managed to free it before a boy gave me his hand and pulled me out. There were people underneath me, shouting they couldn’t get out. I didn’t think I would.

A friend of Alonso called the scene, “horrible,” filled with “chaos, panic.” She also said, “I saw a family and the little girl was saying to her dad, ‘If we die here, I love you.”

Another attendee recalled, “It was the worst moment of my life,” while a 16-year-old said additionally, “We were on the walkway when it opened up. I fell on people and people fell on me. I was hit on the head and then some sort of container fell as well. I tried to get out and someone helped me.

The organizers of the now infamous event have set up an area where those concerned can get information and City mayor Abel Caballero has announced that an investigation is being done to see why the supports gave way. In a “no-brainer” statement, Vigo’s Port Authority president Enrique Lopez-Veiga said that it was likely due to “excess weight.”

It has been confirmed that “the National Police, the Local Police, and other emergency personnel immediately” showed up with a parade of ambulances which took the injured to nearby hospitals.

As for Rels B, he tweeted about the need for “strength” among the injured. He also wanted anyone worried about those who were hurt to contact the “information point” set up by those who organized the event.

All in all, Spain can be pretty proud of the way that everyone acted when this potential travesty struck. Let is be a lesson to everyone on how to treat their fellow man.

Let is also be a lesson to not hold massive concerts on a weak dock.