Secession Bill Introduced

PUBLISHED: 3:46 PM 9 Apr 2018

South Carolina Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Secede If Feds Begin Seizing Legal Firearms

South Carolina Republicans consider seceding if U.S. government confiscates legally owned firearms.

South Carolina introduces a bill to defend the Second Amendment by any means necessary.

South Carolina state House GOP lawmakers are threatening to secede from the United States if the federal government confiscates legally owned guns from citizens, according to The Hill.

The bill, which made its way to the State House Judiciary Committee on April 5, is in response to efforts from democrats and liberal groups to erode the Second Amendment.

As noted by The Hill, here’s what the bill states:

“Notwithstanding another provision of law, the General Assembly shall convene to consider whether to secede from the United States based upon the federal government’s unconstitutional violation of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, if the federal government confiscates legally purchased firearms in this State.”

Following the deadly mass shooting in February at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, democrat lawmakers are already imposing measures to confiscate firearms from citizens.

The bill was introduced by Republican Reps. Jonathon Hill, Mike Pitts, and Ashley Trantham — and is a direct countermeasure to growing calls for the federal government to ban and seize assault rifles.

GOP lawmakers worry that efforts to ban assault rifles are just the beginning of a national effort to completely abolish the Second Amendment.

More importantly, the bill speaks volumes about how far some republicans are willing to go to preserve the right to bear arms and own a firearm.

The Second Amendment explicitly states that the citizens’ right to bear arms shall never be infringed upon, but democrats are doing everything they can to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

Last week, Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-MI, announced that she would be introducing a bill in Congress to allow the federal government to seize guns from American citizens.

If her bill passed through Congress and became a law, it would give the federal government the legal authority to confiscate firearms.

While these extreme measures would likely never pass in the republican-controlled Congress, it speaks volumes about how far liberals are willing to go.

As democrats inch closer toward creating a dictatorship, South Carolina lawmakers are threatening extreme measures to preserve Americans right to defend themselves from a tyrannical government.

It’s unclear what happens next, but South Carolina is making it clear that it will fight back against new efforts from democrats to abolish the Second Amendment.