China Link Hillary's Server

PUBLISHED: 6:34 PM 28 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 6:35 PM 28 Aug 2018

Sources Claim China Hacked Into Private Server, Saw Emails

According to two sources familiar with the investigation, the Hillary Clinton server was not only hacked, its contents were almost all viewed by a front company.

Sources claim that Chinese hackers hacked into Hillary Clinton's private server and saw the emails therein, in real time.

Sources confirm, among other allegations, China hacked the Hillary Clinton email server. Two unnamed sources have claimed that the Chinese government had access to Hillary’s illegal private server. It seems that the Obama administration’s deputy Attorney General was hand-delivered the information that Mrs. Clinton’s server was sending out ‘courtesy copies’ to a Chinese company near D.C.

According to two sources, a Chinese-owned company that operated in the Washington D.C. area hacked SecState Clinton’s email server.

These two sources, who had allegedly been briefed on the matter, said that the Chinese company hacked the illegal email server throughout her term as the head of the Department of State, and obtained nearly all of her emails during that time.

Perhaps worse, they obtained the emails in real time, as they were being sent or received, and all documents attached to those emails.

The sources even suggested that this was part of an intelligence operation.

Many people have wondered about all the money being sent to liberal think tanks from the Chinese, so perhaps this was tit-for tat?

Worst of all, the hackers managed to embed code onto the server. That code essentially created a ‘courtesy copy’ of almost all of the emails that went through the server, and forwarded them to the Chinese ‘corporation.’

According to the Intelligence Community Inspector General, almost all of Hillary Clinton’s emails that went through that private server of hers were sent on to a ‘foreign entity.’

This was echoed by Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, a Republican, during a July 12 meeting of the House Committee on the Judiciary.

Though Congressman Gohmert didn’t reveal who this ‘foreign entity’ was, he did hint that it was completely unrelated to Russia.

Two officials with the ICIG, an investigator, and an attorney, met repeatedly with officials at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, hoping to warn Obama’s lackeys about the Chinese intrusion.

A former intelligence officer said that, among the people they briefed was Peter Strzok, the FBI official who was then the Bureau’s top official for counterintelligence.

According to Gohmert, Strzok never acted on the information brought to him by ICIG.

During the House Judiciary Committee hearing, the Congressman mentioned that said officials had told the new-fired FBI agent about the ‘anomaly’ they found on the Clinton server.

The intelligence officer, however, said that they found the ‘anomaly’ “pretty early in 2015.”

Just as interesting, it seems that then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates likely know about the improper handling, and possible hacking, of SecState emails. It seems that the FBI and DOJ may have sought to hide the fact that the emails were hacked.

Speaking to the Daily Caller News Foundation, the officer said that when they did a ‘deep dive’ into the server they found, hidden in the metadata, the ‘courtesy copy’ command.

He continued on to say that this data was tracked as being sent to a known Chinese public company, which was involved in collecting intelligence for the Chinese government.

However, the intelligence officer would not identify the name of the Chinese company allegedly collecting said information.

He said that the government does know the name of the company in question, and that there are indications that other ‘cutouts’ are involved.

Another official briefed on the matter, who works for as a staff official, told the DCNF that this particular state-owned firm of China‘s operated in D.C.’s northern Virginia suburbs, and that they were not authorized to comment any further on the identity, other than to say that it was not a ‘technology’ company and that it was a ‘front group’ for the Chinese government.

Three possible businesses exist that could have been the one that the ICIG and others were referring to.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, on the other hand, claimed that the FBI found no evidence of intrusion despite “thousands of hours” spent investigating.

Merrill instead tried to assail Donald Trump, claiming he represented a “very real threat” to American democracy.

Retired Colonel Anthony Shaffer, from the London Center for Policy Research, on the other hand, said that the server was certainly vulnerable to hacking.

In his own words, Col. Shaffer declared that “fourteen-year-old hackers from Canada could have probably hacked into her server and left very little trace.”

He also pointed out that there was a complete lack of “security hygiene” on the internet server, which would certainly not help to prevent such an attack.

It seems like, once again, Hillary Clinton managed to escape real oversight for her failings as a politician. If the Chinese government saw every email she sent and received, as she sent or received it, then they would have seen classified information as well.