Soros Partnered Group Exposed For Assault, Fraud, Bribery

PUBLISHED: 7:14 AM 18 Feb 2018
UPDATED: 9:09 PM 18 Feb 2018

Soros Migration Group Has Funds Frozen Amid Fraud, Bribery and Assault Claims

U.K. freezes funds to Soros-connected group accused of fraud, bribery, and assault.

Soros backed group investigated for fraud and sexual abuse claims.

A massive pro-migration group partnered with liberal billionaire George Soros has been accused of “hushing up” allegations of more than 37 cases of sexual assault, fraud, and bribery.

The United Kingdom froze the funds to the International Rescue Committee, a non-governmental organization, after evidence surfaced that the group was paying off people to remain quiet about sexual assault and fraud the group committed.

The IRC was given more than five and a half million pounds — which is just shy of $8 million U.S. dollars — of taxpayer funds to support a charitable mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Not long after dozens of reports came out revealing sexual assault, fraud, and bribery were rampant, the U.K. immediately froze the funds that were going to the IRC.

IRC president David Miliband, a pro-immigration and mass migration activist closely aligned with Soros, tried to claim his team acted appropriately at the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

But a leaked report shows the allegations were so disturbing and credible the U.K. Department for International Development froze all funding to the charity “based on direct reporting of sexual harassment and fraud.”

Authorities revealed that when the charity arrived in Africa, they were tasked with investigating 24 cases.

They immediately opened up 13 additional cases, which officials believe was done to funnel taxpayer funds into their own coffers to pay bribes and fraudulently keep most of the money for themselves.

The group is also accused of sexually assaulting vulnerable women in the poverty-ridden area.

The U.K. contends there’s substantial evidence to support claims the Soros-tied group engaged in sexual assault, fraud, and bribery — and they tried to cover it all up.

These serious allegations coupled with the Soros‘ history of funding shady mercenary groups to create chaos should result in many people being sent to jail.

It’s about time Soros was held accountable for his actions.

Source: Breitbart