Soros Controls State

PUBLISHED: 6:07 PM 9 May 2018

Soros Looks To Control Florida Election With Multiple Six-Figure Donations

The Soros family is funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to advance gun-control candidates in elections.

Soros is buying candidates and control in Florida.

Liberal billionaire George Soros and his son, Alex Soros, are funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars into Florida ahead of the crucial midterm elections in November. According to The Washington Free Beacon, the Soros family is writing six-figure checks to candidates who are staunchly pro-gun and in favor of eroding the Second Amendment.

This is very, very bad. The Soros family is not only buying hardcore liberal candidates, they are selectively trying to control Florida, which is a swing state in congressional and presidential elections.

Soros contributed $200,000 to Forward Florida, a political action committee for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is running for governor. Alex Soros also donated an additional $50,000 to the PAC, which brings the total to $250,000.

While many are focused on the House of Representatives and Senate races that will be decided this November, some people haven’t noticed Soros’s shadowy actions to buy control over individual states. By funneling big money into the coffers of governors or candidates running to be governor, Soros is hoping to buy officials who control many of the policies and functions at the state level.

In an attempt to help democrats assume control over certain states like Florida, Soros is playing a major role in shaping the Democratic Party’s future.

His plot is to push for issues that incite cultural and racial tensions, and he’s using the recent mass shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida to further promote his gun control plans.

The shooting resulted in the death of 17 innocent people, and ignited a firestorm for new calls to erode the Second Amendment and restrict citizens’ rights to legally purchase and own a firearm.

Before Soros’s donation, Gillum’s campaign raised about $114,000 in contributions. With the stroke of a pen, the Soros’ gave him $250,000 — more than twice what he raised for months on his own — and brought his total fund to just over $364,000.

Soros also wrote a $450,000 check to United for Progress, another far-left super PAC in Florida that is focused on making gun control and civil rights a top issue in the upcoming election.

This is just one of many instances in which Soros is trying to buy elections and candidates who will promote his liberal agenda.

Last month, it was reported that the liberal billionaire was funding Democracy Alliance, another left-wing group that wants reparations for African Americans to be a top issue for democrats.

The group has received tens of millions of dollars from Soros, and is calling for medicare for all, free college, and reparations for blacks.

All of these ideas are utterly insane, but it serves as another chilling reminder about the power Soros easily wields. With the stroke of his pen, he can buy a candidate, control a state, and ignite tensions in the country with certain issues.