Racist Dem Cash Scam

PUBLISHED: 8:36 PM 6 Jan 2019

Sore Loser Dem Skips Votes, Collects ‘Mileage’ Cash For Traveling To ‘Work’

Lawmaker Bettie Cook Scott was a no-show in the Michigan House for six months, but still collected money for travelling to work during the same time.

Bettie Cook Scott refuses to answer questions about her mileage reimbursements during the last six months in office, despite never voting during that time.

In Michigan, Representative Bettie Cook Scott ran for state senate, but after losing the primary, decided to stop showing up for work in the House and skip the last six months of votes.

However, she didn’t stop submitting mileage reimbursements from the state during that time.

Scott came under fire during the election for her racist, offensive comments about her primary election opponent, Rep. Stephanie Chang.

Scott was overheard referring to Chang as “ching-chang” and “the ching-chong” to multiple voters during the election.

She’s also apparently called one of Chang’s campaign volunteers an “immigrant,” saying “you don’t belong here” and “I want you out of my country.”

Her offensive comments don’t really align with the open borders narrative spewed by most elected liberals, but does fit right in with their race-politics and vulgarity. She did eventually ‘apologize’ after several groups demanded it.

In this latest example of her utter incompetence, greed, and complete lack of decency, Scott just stopped voting in Lansing, but didn’t stop submitted, and accepting, travel expense reimbursements.

Scott received $2,629 in mileage cash during the final six months of her term as a state representative. Yet, she did not participate in a single roll call vote during that time.

The Michigan House held 488 recorded roll call votes during those months and passed hundreds of bills, but Scott wasn’t involved in any of them.

Scott’s missed votes are listed here.

All members of the Michigan Legislature are allowed $10,800 per year to cover expenses involved with “carrying out the responsibilities of state office.”

The amount is set by the State Officers Compensation Commission, as authorized by the state constitution, but there is no requirement of evidence, such as odometer readings.

“The business office does check that mileage claims accurately reflect the distance from a lawmaker’s home to the Capitol in Lansing, but it does not try to confirm whether the trips were actually made.”

Scott, who received an annual salary of $71,685, supposedly representing Michigan’s 2nd House District. She was prevented from seeking another term in the House by Michigan term limit laws, something that many people argue should apply at the federal level.

So, knowing her gravy train was over, Scott ran for state Senate. When that failed, she apparently decided that she wasn’t going to work anymore.

After voting on June 12, the House adjourned for a summer campaign break, which included July and August. But, that absence didn’t stop Scott from making mileage requests during those months either.

“From July to December, records show Scott submitted reimbursement requests for a round trip of 210 miles every week until December. In that final month, Scott put in for one trip of 210 miles.”

In November, the Speaker of the House directed the House Business Office to take over supervision of her office, and since then, Scott has refused to answer any questions by reporters.

Scott seems to exemplify a typical democrat: ready to ditch her work but still demanding money.

Overall, Scott missed 599 of a possible 1,045 votes in 2018.