PUBLISHED: 7:54 PM 6 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:48 PM 6 Dec 2017

Sonic Attacks On Diplomats Grows Worse As Doctors Forced To Reveal Disturbing Results

Is the Cuban government hiding something?

Is the Cuban government hiding something?

It is not unusual for those who commit terrible acts to claim that some sound, noise, or “buzzing” in their heads helped cause the act, often when they stray into certain places. Usually, these are the rantings of madmen. However, what if some of them were both as mad as a hatter and correct about the matter at the same time?

News from AOL will certainly make many ask those questions as it is revealed that United States Embassy workers in Cuba “who were subject to mysterious, loud noises and vibrations in an invisible attack last year were found to have developed brain abnormalities,” doctors have confirmed. WHY IS THIS HORROR NOT FRONT PAGE NEWS?

The victims are said to be suffering from “hearing, memory, balance and vision damage” and doctors have discovered “changes to the white matter tracts in their brain that control communication.” To have such a weapon (which one must presume it to be) used on U.S. embassy workers is something that could be called an act of war.

The Associated Press even reports that medical experts all concur and this means that something every bit as fiendish as feared was underway in Havana. A CBS video has found that Russia could be behind the atacks in some way, but nothing solid is yet known.

AOL reminds us that the brains white matter “is made up of cells called axons.” These “connect to one another so nerves can communicate between different regions of the brain.”

When this area of the brain is damaged, it can affect sensory perceptions, motor skills can be diminished, and “cognitive function” can suffer. Imagine being a worker sitting on the doctor’s table when news of this diagnosis is heard. This is the blood-freezing reality that those exposed to this sound are living.

It is now thought that “some kind of sonic weapon” was used. Twenty-four workers and their families were exposed to the noise inside of their homes and hotel rooms in 2016. AOL also says that this “consisted of loud, mysterious sounds accompanied by vibrations, which resulted in hearing loss, vision impairment and ear-ringing in victims.”

Now that we know what is happening, why is this news that was first talked about months ago not front page news?

Those attacked said that the sound would be very strong in one section of the room and then not able to be detected at all when only a few feet removed. This new kind of sound is being called “directional acoustic phenomena.”

The worst part of the story is that roughly a quarter of those victimized never fully recover from the effects of exposure to whatever this hellish sound is. As Cuba continues to deny any involvement in the phenomena that has harmed those from both the U.S. and Canada, questions remain that have no answers.

Now that we can see the aftermath, that just can NOT continue to be the case.

Sources: AOL News – The Associated Press