PUBLISHED: 9:49 PM 28 Apr 2017

Son Slain By Illegal, Mother Responds: “Give Me A Shovel” So I Can Do It Myself

Agnes Gibboney crusades for justice for her son and to prevent the same tragedy from befalling others.

Agnes Gibboney crusades for her son, and to prevent the same tragedy from befalling others.

On Thursday, A mother of a son who was murdered by an illegal immigrant appeared before The House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security to offer a powerful testimony. Agnes Gibboney, a legal immigrant herself, lost her first child and only son Ronald to gang member Luiz Gonzalez 15 years ago.

She gave an emotional, and tear-filled presentation. Her son was shot by a bullet intended for someone else. The gang member responsible fled to Mexico, where his wife was sending welfare checks to him. The man was eventually caught, returned to the United States, and sentenced to prison. He is due to be released in two years and seven months. Gibboney is worried he will be released back into the United States instead of being deported.

The pain of losing her son haunts her unceasingly. “I don’t even wish it upon the guy who murdered my son,” she said.

Appealing to those in government hampering President Trump’s work, she said, “Please don’t stand in his way. Work with him.”

Disgustingly, House Speaker Paul Ryan and other useless politicians in the GOP have worked to keep funding for the wall out of the next federal budget. They would rather not risk the bad optics of a government shutdown. They foolishly prefer to appease D.C. employees and the media over the grassroots base of support that delivered them the Presidency, House, and Senate.

“I would go and work on the wall myself,” the 62 year old woman said in the testimony, echoing the sentiment of many Patriotic Americans.

These people never belonged in the country in the first place.

These people never belonged in the country in the first place.

The mother came to the United States legally from Hungary. “I am a legal immigrant, it took my family 13 years to legally immigrate to (the) United States,” she said in an interview with CBS 2.

In the same interview she again said she wanted to work on the wall herself, “Give me a shovel. Put me to dig the trench. I would be happy to do that. Rain or shine, 100 degrees. 120, I don’t care.” With what this woman has already lost, and with the effort she has bestowed in the service of others, pushing wheelbarrows of bricks in the desert sun would probably be an easy task.

“Saturday will be my son’s 43rd birthday,” Gibboney said. “I will be at the cemetery with a cupcake and a candle and I’ll be singing happy birthday.” This woman’s conviction is so strong, it’s hard to doubt she really would work on the wall even at her advanced age.

“If they would, for a minute, imagine their children six feet under, how would that make them feel?” Gibboney asks of those who oppose her views.

Gibboney is one of thousands of Americans who has lost someone to a dangerous illegal immigrants. She supports Trump as President and attended his inauguration. These are the people depending on President Trump to come through on his promises. Also depending on him are all the people who will undoubtedly suffer and be murdered if he fails.

Think walls don't work? Just look at Israel.

Think walls don’t work? Just look at Israel.

Her story is like that of so many others, such as those whom Mr. Trump brought out in a press conference very early in the days of his campaign.

“People came into the country illegally and killed their children,” Trump said about the families who surrounded him on that day. “And it’s a very, very sad thing what’s happening with our country … nobody wants to talk about it.” Well, we’re talking about it now, Mr. President. You made sure of that. Now it’s time to act and make the wall happen.

When critics bring up the financial cost of the wall, just think of the suffering of this one grieving mother. Is it possible to put a dollar amount on her loss? Of course not. And she is one of thousands more like her.

This human suffering of American citizens is alone enough justification for building the wall, even without all the additional problems of drugs, welfare abuse, overflowing emergency rooms, and so forth caused by illegal immigration. They will say walls don’t work, but this is so stupid that it’s almost an insult to one’s intelligence, and an insult to the memory of the dead such as Ronald Gibboney.

Suicide bombings used to be a regular event in the city of Jerusalem in Israel. Just about every longtime citizen knows someone killed or affected by the bombings. Then, after the wall was built separating Judea from the West Bank, the bombings almost completely ceased.

Jamil Shaw spoke at several Trump rallies and appeared on TV defending Trump during the campaign.

Jamil Shaw spoke at several Trump rallies to tell his emotionally moving story of loss not unlike Agnes Gibboney’s.

Agnes Gibboney’s story is similar to that Jamil Shaw, who also lost his son Jamil Shaw Jr. to a trigger-happy illegal immigrant gang member. Jamil featured prominently on the campaign trail with Donald Trump early in his campaign.

“Build the wall!” was the most popular chant at every Trump rally. The roars of the crowds would become absolutely thunderous. Trump experienced this and he knows it. It wasn’t the most popular chant for no reason. It’s because this issue is so important to so many Americans, and the wall will work. No, the wall on its own is not enough, but it’s an essential component of a total solution. It’s also an important symbol for the American people and the world.

As Ann Coulter wrote in her latest column, if Trump failed to build the wall, “It would be an epic betrayal — worse than Bush betraying voters on ‘no new taxes.’ Worse than LBJ escalating the Vietnam War. There would be nothing like it in the history of politics. ” She predicts it would be the end of his legacy, the GOP, and the country.

Building the wall was the most essential and memorable Trump campaign promise, so it must happen for his Presidency to be successful.