PUBLISHED: 9:00 PM 18 Oct 2016

Someone Left Hillary Payroll Lying Around, Chicago Protestors Were PAID To Riot


Clinton Paid These People To Riot!

Ever since Donald Trump has secured the Republican presidential nominee, there have been several protests against the nominee. Some of these protests have turned violent. Some of them have also forced Trump to cancel some of the rallies that he was supposed to attend.

Not only is that disgusting, but it is also a violation of the Frist Amendment. Trump was merely going to speak to his supporters at a rally. And yet there were protestors that were there to halt his voice from getting heard. That is illegal!

But it goes further than that. These protests were planned in advance and they had people that were bragging that they were the reason that it got shut down. Thanks to the work of Project Veritas, activist Zulema Rodriguez, one of the protestors that was bragging about the cancellation of several rallies, was found to be on Hillary Clinton’s campaign payroll.

Crooked Hillary Running Out Of Options

Crooked Hillary Was Paying The Protestors In Chicago To Make Sure That Trump Couldn’t Talk

Yes this activist was the person that was taking credit for violent protests located in the city of Chicago that forced Trump to cancel a rally in March. The filmmaker James O’Keefe took a video that showed that Rodriguez was BRAGGING about it.

“So, [Aaron Black] and I did the Chicago Trump event were we shut down like all the yeah.” He fully admitted to taking credit for that protest. But that wasn’t the only one that she takes credit for. There was another protest in Arizona that was also in March that had shut down a major highway outside the Trump event.

But when you search Federal Election Commission records, they reveal that Rodriguez was PAID by the Clinton campaign shortly before the Chicago rally. Two weeks before the disrupted Chicago rally, the campaign paid Rodriguez over $1,500 as a “payroll” expense. In addition they also had a $30 payment that could only be described as “phone.”

Clinton has been paying some of the protestors to disrupt and create violence in the areas that are around Trump rallies! That means that she is doing her best to create the narrative that Trump is causing violence in the streets in an effort to make him look bad and give her the election!


She Was Actively Trying To Silence Trump’s First Amendment Right

This is among the dirtiest things that a political candidate can do! This goes beyond the typical mudslinging that you see in some elections. Clinton was actively paying people to become VIOLENT. Not only that but she was making sure that Trump wasn’t allowed to have his First Amendment privileges!

That is a violation of the Constitution! This just shows that Clinton is doing whatever she can to destroy the Constitution. Everyone has the right to speak what they want and Clinton has just proven that she doesn’t stand by that!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like what the person is saying, you have to respect their right to speak out when they want! But it wasn’t just Clinton that was preventing Trump from speaking out. Clinton wasn’t the only one that was paying Rodriguez for her efforts. She was also getting reimbursed from several PAC’s that have coordinated with the Clinton campaign.

The Damage Done May Not Be Reversible

Clinton Had Some Help Paying Protestors To Disrupt Trump Rallies

In the months that followed those protests, Rodriguez received a very nice payday from It’s a Political Action that rewarded her efforts with a $1,108.97 check that was designated as travel reimbursement. That was in May.

In June Stand Up For Ohio PAC as a “political consulting fee” paid her $17,500. But there is more than meets the eye with this. MoveOn heavily funds Stand Up For Ohio PAC! Not only that, but it is illegal for PAC’s to coordinate directly with any political party.

It sounds like that is exactly what Clinton has done! How else can you explain the tremendous payday that this activist received as a “political consulting fee?” Disrupting a political campaign rally is considered political consulting? That doesn’t sound right at all!

But it isn’t the first time that she has done that. There were several email releases done by WikiLeaks that have shown that the Clinton campaign was directly coordinating with super PACs. And as stated before, that is ILLEGAL. It is considered illegal by the Federal Election Commission!

We Are Closer Than Ever To Being Done With The Clinton's

This Isn’t The First Time That Clinton Has Done Something Illegal.

What Clinton and her camp did was make sure that they used some legal terms to make sure that it wasn’t extremely obvious what they were doing. However the email had a memo that showed exactly what they were doing! Conservative Daily Post has covered this previously.

But Clinton isn’t a stranger to doing illegal actions. Hell she deleted thousands and thousands of emails that she was told to hang on to. She has also colluded with the mainstream media to make sure that they don’t really report on it in a manner that would hurt her. This includes the liberal newspaper The New York Times.

Share this article to show that it was Clinton who was orchestrating the violent protests that have silenced Trump from speaking at several events. Rodriguez was on her payroll and was paid to make sure that Trump was unable to speak. She was responsible for stopping rallies in both Chicago and Arizona.

This is just another reason that we need to have Trump in the White House. Clinton is going through all these troubles to silence his voice. She is scared because she knows that he will do a better job than she will. Make sure that Trump is in the Oval Office come January 20, 2017.