PUBLISHED: 8:51 PM 26 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 10:25 PM 26 Dec 2017

“Some Companies”: Russian President Issues Horrifying Claim As Monitoring In Place

Putin had quite the audacity on display as he spoke about his new law.

Putin had his audacity on display as he spoke about his new law.

Many will recall that the leaders of the NAZI party, when captured, complained about the kind of treatment that they received as they awaited trial. Some imagined that they should be the leaders of the nation and be talking to the U.S. President as a new Germany was being planned after the loss. This from the people who treated those who they detained worse than any shade in human history!

This bit of irony is being revisited in 2017 as Russian leader Vladimir Putin has saved the most hypocritical story of the year for the very end. Yahoo News has reported that Putin wants the activities of “some companies” monitored “on social media during next year’s presidential election and assess the extent of their involvement in domestic politics.” This from the hacking meddler who has thrown the elections in the U.S. into a frightful turmoil. His gross hypocrisy knows no limits, it seems.

Putin did not name the companies in question but it appears that his new plan is to blame these companies, perhaps, for the hack. That way he can imply that Russian officials played no part in it, even though a convicted hacker has already confessed that they had, as the Conservative Daily Post revealed.

Putin has made a number of claims about Russia supposed innocence in the hacking of the DNC.

We need to look carefully at how some companies work [sic] in internet, in social media, and how widely they are involved in our domestic political life,” Putin said, according to Reuters.

He also spoke about a new “foreign agents law” that he is championing.

Thanks in part to Geroge Soros, Putin has now allowed the government to look at foreign media outlets as foreign agents. While this is justified to some degree, this is also something that causes him to feel ill-used when it is returned to his nation in regards to the Russia Today outlet.

It should be carefully analyzed how they are operating and will be operating during the presidential election,” Putin somehow managed to say with a straight face.

By making it so that this popular man can not run against him, Putin is expected to win re-election.

He did call for no “narrowing of the space” on the internet when it comes to freedom, but few if any take that statement of his with any sincerity.

If freedom mattered to Putin, he would not have overseen the barring of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny from running against him. As it stands, Putin is set to win office for another six years.

With the world as it is today, such an outcome could be tragic.

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