Somalian Attacker Sentenced

PUBLISHED: 1:44 AM 13 Feb 2018

Somalian Man Given 11 Years For Sickening Act With Teenage Victim

He told the girl that “his country would love you.”

On Friday, British media outlets reported that a Somali national has been sentenced.

WARNING: Descriptions and content of the article may be disturbing to some readers

The Migrant crisis in Europe keeps showing its horrible consequences. On Friday, British media outlets reported that a Somali national has been jailed after he raped a teenage girl as he held a sharp piece of wood to her throat.

Far from providing any kind of apology, the criminal named Ahmed Abdoule actually said that his country would love that girl and that she could not be a virgin “because she was white.” According to the Daily Mail, he was given an 11-year sentence at the Hull Crown Court. According to legal experts, it is quite possible that Abdoule will be released after roughly five years if the sentence follows the standard formula.

What seems to be quite mysterious about this case is the fact that not a single report has indicated how long this man will actually spend in prison. In addition, the court hasn’t provided any response to several requests for information.

Naturally, one of the most controversial details about this unspeakable case is the fact that his crime does not appear to have been treated as racially aggravated, despite his racial contempt for the teenage girl.

After all, if the racist element would have been taken into consideration, Abdoule would have received a tougher sentence.

Apparently, another element that remains unclear is whether the government will seek to deport him, which many believe would be the proper move considering what he did.

However, it has previously proved impossible to deport criminal migrants in the United Kingdom with large families. Believe it or not, the reason why this happens is because of the judges’ ambiguous interpretation of the European “right to respect for private and family life.”

Judge Mark Bury told the jury that the 33-year-old criminal knew the victim and that after taking her to his home, he decided to lock the door as the girl cried and pleaded with him to let her go. Bury explained that despite the teenage girl’s pleas, the Somali migrant jabbed a sharp piece of wood into her stomach and then forced her to go upstairs, where he raped her while he held the weapon against her throat.

After that, Bury told the Somali national that the girl told him he was a virgin “to try and get you to stop.” After that, Bury told him in front of the jury that far from stopping, he said to the teenage girl that she cannot be a virgin because she was white.

Furthermore, Bury described that Abdoule told his victim not to look at him, and even pulled her top over her face.

Apparently, the Somali migrant told the girl a couple of seconds later that he didn’t want to see her while he was raping her.

After the sexual attack, the Somali national told the teenage girl that he had “liked” raping her. In addition, he told her that she wasn’t the only girl who was going to get “punished.”

Soon after he dropped the teenage girl off a distance away from his house, the Somali migrant gave her another top to wear, and told her to “cherish it.”

Also, the Somali national told the victim that he would kill her if she told anyone what he did to her. Fortunately, the girl was brave enough to report the attack.

In a very impact statement, the teenage victim revealed that even in her own house she still feel unsafe, considering what happened.

In addition to this unspeakable situation, the teenage girl said she doesn’t seem able to talk to men or boys anymore since she pointed out she feels “uneasy doing so.”

The teenage girl wrote in her statement that while her mom lets her go further from her house than last summer, she always lets her know where she is.

Finally, she pointed out that while her mom used to nag her for always staying out late, she never listened. She explained that her mom was right, after all, considering that she told her anything bad could happen.

On her part, the victim’s mother also had some words to say about what happened to her daughter. In a very emotional statement, the mother said she felt she had failed as a mom, considering what her teenage daughter went through.

In addition, the mother explained that now she doesn’t even like when her daughter goes to the shop since she fears something could happen to her again.