Activist DOJ Employee

PUBLISHED: 3:39 PM 21 Jun 2018

Socialist Who Targeted Secretary is DOJ Activist

She's a paralegal at the Department of Justice.

No one deserves to be harassed when they go out for a family meal. However, apparently a socialist activist working at the Department of Justice didn't feel the same way.

Among the other news this week about the way that illegal immigrant families are treated in detention centers, the left seized on a story about Kirstjen Nielsen who attempted to go to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. According to the media, activists chased Secretary of Homeland Security Nielsen out of the eatery.

In truth, it was members of the D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America who showed up to the DHS secretary’s dinner and caused an uproar which ended the meal. Apparently, one of these ‘social activist’ socialists also happens to be an employee of the federal government.

Allison Hrabar actually works for the federal government, under Jeff Sessions. She has tweeted about her ‘protests’ while she was supposed to be working for the American people. She’s a paralegal at the Department of Justice, but apparently spends her time working against the Republic.

Before she became a government employee in the Obama administration, Hrabar was a student at Swarthmore College, a private university in Pennsylvania. Interestingly, though the school offers ‘Gender & Sexuality Studies’ as a course of study, there is no coursework related to Paralegal work in the college’s curriculum, nor was there such coursework during the time that she would have been in attendance at the school.

A paralegal is basically a legal secretary. Some paralegals have four-year degrees in paralegal studies, while others have little to no formal education. Apparently, she falls in this category.

Apparently, Hrabar, a government employee whose checks are paid by the American taxpayer, felt that it was appropriate for her to spend her Tuesday night harassing an individual in control of another government agency.

After an employee within the Donald Trump administration tipped off the media about the government employee’s presence at the protest, the Washington Examiner spoke with the woman.

She defended her presence, saying that she was not being paid by the government when she was representing a socialist party, and that she was utilizing her First Amendment by heckling someone until they left a restaurant.

She also said that she hoped her outburst would encourage other people to do the same thing, and to harass people who work at the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement when they see them out and about.

Although Hrabar stated that she kept her political work and her personal socialist views separate, it certainly appears that she was tweeting while she was on the clock, bragging about how great she was for harassing someone trying to eat dinner.

She even tweeted at 1:56 p.m. on the day after she met up with other leftists to harass Nielsen into abandoning her dinner plans, complaining that she didn’t like the idea of ‘keeping families together in jail,’ and that this was, in her opinion, not an acceptable solution.

That sounds vaguely like a criticism of Donald Trump’s actions on the issue, which was forced after democrats outright refused to hold a vote on anything related to the issue of children being separately detained from their parents.

It also sounds like something that happened precisely during work hours for the government, which are generally the same as banker’s hours.

Hrabar has been at the DOJ since July 2016, making her an Obama-era holdover. Barack Obama’s first Attorney General, Eric Holder, famously forced out nearly every conservative voice from the Justice Department, and replaced them with hardcore leftists, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that some still linger.

Before attending the extremely expensive Swarthmore, she attended a charter school in Arizona.

Frankly, it’s hard to understand why she was hired, if not for her ideology. Because of that, it’s not hard at all to see why should we be part of a violent extremist political organization, or why she would think she should brag about harassing a government executive trying to have dinner with her husband.

The Justice Department was asked about Hrabar’s conduct, and they replied that they were not at liberty to discuss, or divulge, information about ongoing personnel issues.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that they will not hand down some sort of punishment for her decision to not only harass a government executive, but to post political pieces during work hours.

Indeed, there is ample legal precedent that backs the idea that a government employee can be punished, even terminated, for using work time and resources to make political statements.

Whether or not this Obama holdover will be fired for her infraction is anyone’s guess. However, hopefully, the government holds her to the same standard that they would hold any sort of extremist too.