Pastor Swarmed, Arrested

PUBLISHED: 4:04 PM 10 May 2021

Socialist Progression: Calgary Pastor Swarmed By Police, Arrested In Street For Holding Services

This isn’t Iran… it’s Canada, but it shows the clear progressions of socialism to fascist Nazi control.

This is happening... but we said "never again." (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

People are deliberately ignorant about the progression and intent of socialism. They have been taught that it’s ‘liberal’ to help others and that everyone getting ‘affordable healthcare’ and other handouts from the government (as opposed to evil capitalism) is a better way. But what they stupidly fail to recognize is history and the push for socialism has one and only goal… complete servitude and control by the new ‘masters.’ In Canada, it’s happening before our very eyes, and while we say “never again,’ we’re watching the rise of fascist Nazism rise in the country and are doing nothing.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Artur Pawlowski, the Pastor of the Cave of Adullam Church in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was swarmed by police and arrested after holding an “illegal” church service on Saturday.

You may remember Pawlowski as the brave pastor who shouted down police officers who interrupted his church service during Holy Week.

“Out of this property you Nazis! Gestapo is not allowed here!” he shouted to police officers interrupting his church service during Easter weekend. “Out, Nazi! Out! Nazis are not welcome here! Do not come back here you Nazi psychopaths!”

Pawlowski and his flock kicked out the Gestapo again this weekend.

Artur Pawlowski’s fellow pastor Henry Hildebrandt posted a photo of Pawlowski being arrested by the Canadian Gestapo.

The Gestapo in Canada has been gunning for Pastor Pawlowski ever since and they arrested him this weekend.

You can support Pastor Artur Pawlowski by clicking here.