EU Army Exists?

PUBLISHED: 2:00 PM 10 Dec 2018
UPDATED: 10:13 PM 10 Dec 2018

Social Media Blazes After EU ‘Army’ Stormed Paris Streets

Video and images of EU labeled armored vehicles have caused a firestorm on social media, as French unrest resulted in over 1,400 arrests and countless bloody beatings.

Armored vehicles bearing the symbol of the EU rolled into the streets of Paris this week to control the 'unrest.'

Armored vehicles bearing the European Union flag stormed the streets of Paris during the yellow vest protests, causing social media to explode.

As demonstrators brought the city to a standstill, for the fourth week in a row, over excessive taxes and the desire to end Emmanuel Macron’s government, riot cops beat protestors and EU vehicles waded into the fray. And although those are the media approved reasons for the demonstrations, many people wonder if there isn’t something more going on.

Social media users argued that the EU Army is already established, and will soon control all the people.

Furious Twitter users have claimed the armored vehicle entry into Paris is a sign the bloc, which the UK voted to leave in 2016, is prepared to crush any dissent.

“It’s terrible optics,” one person wrote. “[S]ending in anti-riot police with EU flags instead of French ones on them just sends out the message that France’s own authorities are against the French people.”

Brexit supporters jumped on the thread, explaining the vehicles and flag give an insight into a future in an expanding European Union.

One UK user said, “Paris gives us the first glimpse of the future under EU rule.”

“The planed army is being put in place to repress any citizens that dare to question the superstate agenda.”

EU markings on the side! Wake up Europe! The EU are a clear threat to the survival of Europe and European culture. If Macron and Merkel get their army they will use it against the people,” wrote another.

In “Act IV” of yellow vests’ mass demonstrations against globalist leader Macron, an astonishing 1,400 people were arrested across the country.

Breitbart reported, “Baton charges, stun grenades, and tear gas have been a regular feature of the protests since they began four weeks ago — with an 80-year-old woman actually being killed when an errant gas canister flew into her apartment and hit her in the face last week — but the December 8th protests marked the first time the authorities deployed military-style armored vehicles against the people.”

“I don’t think people realise how profoundly concerning this is: it isn’t just the symbolism; it’s the EU contra the [Yellow Vests]; the European Union against the French people,” cautioned Adrian Hilton, a British academic and former political advisor.

“[The EU is] nowhere near a ‘project for peace’,” asserted a third.

In America, viewers are stunned by the images, and those old enough to remember the methods used by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) to take control of Europe are rightfully concerned.

The gradual decline of personal liberty, coupled with the steady push for ‘multiculturalism’ is bringing death to the indigenous cultures of a once great continent.

And now, the EU Army is ready to enforce its rule, whether the people want it or not.