Spoiled Child Attacks Parents

PUBLISHED: 6:23 PM 5 Jan 2019

Snowflake Attacks Parents After Restaurant Dinner Refused

The adult ‘child’ attacked her parents with a knife and beat them after her mother refused to take her out to dinner.

Outback Steakhouse was the source of the fight when a grown woman attacked her parents because they refused to take her there.

A Florida woman—snowflake spoiled brat—was angry that her parents refused to take her to Outback Steakhouse for dinner, so she proceeded to throw an adult temper tantrum, which ended in her arrest after she beat her parents.

According to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, 28-year-old Deana Seltzer was arrested for domestic battery and battery of persons over 65, and is facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputies reported that the ‘child’ asked her mom to take her to the chain restaurant in Lake Worth, but her mother refused.

Perhaps her mother was tired of having a freeloading daughter?

After he will was thwarted, the mental adolescent became enraged, and proceeded to punch her mom repeatedly in the chest and arms.

Seltzer’s father tried to intervene and was attacked as well, he suffered multiple scratches to his face and arms. But the woman was finished with her temper tantrum.

“Deana went around the house flipping recliners and tearing up other random … furniture inside the home,” the report said.

Seltzer also charged at her father with a 12-inch decorative knife that was displayed in the house, chasing him and screaming, “I’m going to (expletive) kill you.”

Deputies found a knife laying on a kitchen counter after entering the home, along with a glass dining table that had been flipped over.

Many people argue that the reason these sorts of attacks are becoming more and more common is the fault of the societal shift that has occurred over the past few decades.

The shift from having winners and losers to ‘everyone’s a winner’ so that no one’s feelings get hurt has spawned a generation who believe that feelings are everything and that it’s okay to use violence if their feelings have been hurt.

Likewise, children who are given everything, and never have to leave their parents’ home, think that everyone owes them something. Such a change has not enhanced U.S. society, it has harmed it.

A Palm Beach County judge ordered that Seltzer undergo a ‘mental health assessment’ after she’s released from jail, but many people argue that’s just adding fuel to the fire. Somehow, her parents will end up getting the blame and psycho-babble will be used to convey the impression that she’s disenfranchised.

Give me a break.