PUBLISHED: 6:35 PM 1 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 9:14 PM 1 Dec 2017

“Smelling Something Funky”: Infestations Discovered As First Family Deals With Years Of Neglect

When Trump called the White House a "real dump," he was not being ungrateful or haughty.

When Trump called the White House a “real dump,” he was not being ungrateful or haughty.

There are some stories that come along the in the daily news cycle that cause those writing about them to do a double take. No matter how strange we know the world to be, from time to time, we all start to look to see if the source is an “Onion” parody piece because….well, that just can’t be.

AOL News has certainly dished out such a work today as they tell us that the White House “is overrun with cockroaches and mice” and that they have “a vermin problem.” We know that places like Canton, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan, have faced a bedbug problem that has even the very rich throwing away furniture every week, but the White House has some kind of bugs problem, too?

There is very little that can be done about mice since they are a common nuisance in the eastern part of America, but NBC News reports that “the situation room as well as a mess hall in the basement of the West Wing” are seeing masses of cockroaches and other creepy-crawlies that one would never expect to encounter within the impressive dwelling.

When Americans think of the White House, they don’t think of ants, cockroaches, and mice.

The Vice President’s office has mouse traps set “outer office along with the ground floor” of the West Wing. Perhaps his staff has never heard of buying a cat or two?

It seems that Pense is not about to soil himself getting the mice removed himself, either. A note regarding the matter said, “Landscape shop to check all the traps in the West Wing…because they’re smelling something funky or dead mouse.”

Who expects a creature like this to come visiting at the White House?

Chief of Staff John Kelly is said to have a “colony of ants” living in his area of the White House. A new toilet is needed as well, but according to the memo, it is to be installed “after hours, please.

Melania Trump is not letting the bugs and pests bother her any, however. Showing what some may say is a bit more grit than the V.P., “I would like the drapery to break the floor – touching but not puddling,” she wrote. That’s the spirit! She does not seem pverly “bugged” by it at all.

The 200-year-old building is in need of many small repairs such as light fixtures and the like. Also, requests have been made to raise the temperature since it is said to be “freezing cold” inside.

The First Lady seems less bothered by the mice problems than the Vice President. She is shopping for drapes.

The funny part is that when Trump called the White House “a real dump,” many were angered by his seemingly disrespectful and unappreciative tone.

Then again, those outraged were not stepping over dead mice, swarmed by hungry ants, or being visited by cockroaches waiving their antennae at them, either.

Easy for them to say.

Sources: AOL News – NBC News