Literal Skeleton In Closet

PUBLISHED: 9:39 PM 26 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 9:39 PM 26 Jan 2018

Skeleton Found In House Walls, Officials Say Missing Elderly Woman Fell

The remains were discovered with eyeglasses and shoes.

Nobody expects to find this in the wall.

It has been noted that every family has at least one skeleton in the closet. This is a figure of speech, something that refers to secrets which families wish to keep hidden. It does not really apply to actually skeletons, right?

Perhaps it does, though it seems that real skeletons tend to lurk in the walls, not within the closet spaces. MSN confirms that “skeletal remains found inside the wall of a Houston house are the former homeowner who apparently fell through the attic floor and became trapped.” While the community is surely relieved that this was not a murder or something equally nefarious, the details are no less depressing.

A spokesperson for the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences said that there “wasn’t enough physical evidence to determine cause or manner of death for Mary Cerruti,” the victim whose body was found.

Cerrutti was 61-years-old when she was reported missing by those who lived near here in 2015. It is believed that she “accidentally fell from her attic.”

When the unfortunate lady could not be found, her home was “sold at a foreclosure auction.” Last March, a broken floorboard in the attic needed attention and the new owners made the morbid discovery due to it. The fallen lady was still wearing both her glasses and shoes when she was found.

While this is certainly a hard reality for those who had been hoping for a better conclusion to the mystery surrounding Mary Cerruti, it is comforting to know that she did not meet a purposeful end.

It can also be hoped that the fall ended her life quickly enough that she did not suffer, which considering the state that she was found in is likely the case.

Now, the new owners will have people whispering as they walk by on dark, spooky nights. There won’t be anyone under the age of 6 who won’t have heard the story a million times.

Halloween campfires will tell and retell this story, each time with a new embellishment, too.

Still, now that the lady can be properly put to rest, the story is not without a happy ending.

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