California Mass Shooting

PUBLISHED: 8:39 PM 13 Sep 2018

Six Dead In Bakersfield Shooter, California Gun Laws Failed Again?

He managed to shoot five people before law enforcement was able to arrive on the scene, and then he shot himself.

Six are dead after a shooter in Bakersfield, California opened fire, showing that the state's gun laws failed yet again.

When leftists discuss what gun laws they wish to see legislated in the United States, they often hold up the ‘progressive’ state of California as the example. It has utilized fairly extreme ‘gun control’ measures for decades, though they appear to have done little to keep the state safe.

On Wednesday evening, six people were killed in southeast Bakersfield, California, in what Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood described as a ‘mass shooting.’ Many people argue this shows that extreme gun control measures do not magically stop people from utilizing firearms in order to further their goals.

After the ‘domestic’ shooting spree left six dead, it seems likely that there will be liberal screeching about gun control even though the facts are still out.

According to Sheriff Youngblood, the deceased included five victims and the shooter.

When he made a statement to the media, around 8 p.m. local time, the Sheriff said that from what they could tell, the suspected shooter went to a trucking business with his wife.

There, they confronted another male at the business, which eventually led the man to shoot the man he had come to see, then to turn the firearm on his wife.

A third male showed up, and was also shot by the husband after a short pursuit.

Then the husband went to a residence nearby, at the corner of Breckenridge Road and Mesquite Lane, and confronted a man and the woman at the home. Both of them died at the home.

Not quite finished with his spree, the man hijacked a vehicle with a woman and child inside of it. Thankfully, both the woman and the child managed to escape his violence.

Eventually, a deputy found the shooter driving on Edison Highway. The suspect pulled over into a parking lot when he was confronted by the officer, then shot himself in the chest.

The local sheriff’s department first responded to the shooting incident at 5:20 p.m.

Around 30 people witnessed the shooting spree carried out by the as-of-yet-unnamed shooter, and deputies were still interviewing them as the Sheriff made his announcement.

Youngblood also said that, at the time, he was not aware of anyone else who had died other than the six mentioned.

During the conference, he was repeatedly asked questions about the identities of the deceased, and whether there was any sort of connection between them.

Sheriff Youngblood replied that before those questions could be answered, that would require investigation by the deputies and detectives who had been assigned to the case.

Though it was not clear what set off the shooting, the Sheriff did say that at least one handgun was used in all the shootings, and perhaps more weapons as well.

At one point, the shooter chased a victim around a local sporting goods shop, Bear Mountain Sports.

Not much else is known about the shooter or the cause of his actions.

However, many people argue the shooting (and the fact that this man chased someone around the outside of a store that sold firearms without being shot), did display, once again, that California’s absurdly strict gun control laws did little to prevent violence, and may have even, in some ways, enabled it.

In the state of California, laws have made it almost impossible for an average person to legally carry a firearm.

Concealed Carry Licenses are heavily controlled, and are issued on a ‘may issue’ basis, meaning that even after a prospective licensee proved that they meet all requirements, the government can still arbitrarily deny the permit.

‘Open’ carry of firearms in the state has long been denied to average citizens as well.

Many agree when citizens are barred from the means to put up a fight in the face of wanton violence, they’re left at the mercy of criminals. Without the ability to effectively take on a shooter, the only thing that they could do was hope that he wouldn’t injure them and try to escape.

Furthermore, Bakersfield isn’t an ‘incorporated’ city, meaning that it had no police force of its own. When citizens were alerted to the violence, they called the Kern County Sheriff’s Department.

The shooter, when confronted by the officers, quickly took his own life. Some are asking how many lives could have been saved if an armed citizen had intervened.