PUBLISHED: 9:01 PM 16 Feb 2017

Sign The Petition: George Soros To Be Expelled And Banned From United States


George Soros is seeing a petition gaining popularity that longs to ban him, his family, his business, and his money from America.

It is often noted how evil is on the rise in this country. Crosses pointing the wrong way are now a fashion statement and God has been thrown out of the school, canceled from the culture, and only the godless have full public speaking rights any longer. One of the things that can be missing from the media is proper coverage of when something “good” or worthy of progress for the cause of something “not evil” happens. When something transpires that shows that America is not totally removed from what made us such a great nation, or (brace for it, SJW’s) a Godly nation, the media never notices it.

We know that Americans are the most charitable people on the planet in terms of mathematical fact, but helping fill an obvious need like donating to a free care hospital or giving money towards the next set of earthquake or disaster damage recovery efforts is entirely different than noticing evil posed as goodness and working to exorcise it.

Those who oppose evil (not in a prudish way as to be confused with entertainment, but real evil) on a human or moral level can not always spot evil when they see it. This is why some really kind hearted people can be leftists who whine like a lonely puppy for every green cause or that really did (somehow) find Hilary Clinton to be a good person. Laugh if one must, but there are a lot of those kinds of people.


The most evil people alive today are tied to George Soros.

Well, today good news abounds because a very large number of people have spotted the devil posing as an angel of light and have signed an ever-growing petition (which is posted below with an urging to sign) to have George Soros banned from the United States. The petition aims to “ban him and members of his family from funding and influencing US politicians.” Soros has already been thrown out of Russia and other nations due to his supposed NGO’s (non-governmental organizations that are made to overthrow governments for the good of a socialist agenda, posing as aid or similar to think tanks) who have taken misery to the nations where they are accepted.  

The petition also requests that it be a criminal offense to do business with Soros, his family, or even to accept money from him. Considering his advanced age and the fact that he gives BILLIONS to groups that are darlings of the Democrat Party, as well as the new and fast-rising Sharia law/Linda Sarsour wing of the left, it is unfortunately quite unlikely that Soros himself will be expelled. This petition is of vital importance because it targets his corrupt legacy that looks to loom like this ghostly spirit long after he leaves this world. For this reason, many people are signing the petition and encouraging many others to do the same.


George Soros is against everything make America a prosperous nation.

Now that people are awakening to George Soros, perhaps more Americans will learn about the other terribly abominable people who are part of the elite structure that aims to bring down both goodness and liberty for the goal of a New World Order control structure that would make life envy death if ever realized. People say “they” all the time in reference to our leaders, but we know who they are.

They are people like Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands who are one of the primary forces in Bilderberg, a meeting that breaks the Logan Act (a federal offense) by allowing world leaders and business giants to meet with no representation, keeping of minutes, or media on hand. This is against ever reason the Constitution was ever created to begin with.

The darkness grows deeper and more foreboding with CNN founder Ted Turner saying, ““A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.” If America could shut off the sitcoms and reality shows long enough to understand that he is talking how it would be “ideal” to see 95% of the world DEAD, then perhaps less people would question why president Donald Trump would call CNN less than trustworthy. When the founder of the company wants to see almost everyone in the world dead, that happens.


More and more groups are coming out to expose what Soros does.

The Democrats love to call Donald Trump “Hitler” at every chance given, but Trump has never wanted to force women to be sterilized like the NAZI’s did. That “honor” goes to Democrat John P. Holdren who said, “A program of sterilizing women after their second or third child, despite the relatively greater difficulty of the operation than vasectomy, might be easier to implement than trying to sterilize men.” It should be noted that not only did the feminist left not even address this matter, but not one pink eared hat has been ruffled and no one on the left has been said to have even noticed it. Again, evil in plain sight.

The husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip, stated that “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” Our leaders are obsessed with seeing many billions of us wiped of off the planet and many of these cryptic, selfish men are tied to none other than George Soros in ways too many to list on just one hard drive.

NORWICH, UNITED KINGDOM - APRIL 28: Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, during a visit to the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum at RAF Neatishead, on April 28, 2014 in Norwich, Norfolk. (Photo by Paul Edwards - WPA Pool/ Getty Images)

Prince Phillip has said he wishes to see most of the world killed with him as the virus.

Now that the world is awakening to what it is that Soros does by funding groups that work to bring down the progress of mankind with the Constitution, there is hope. Now that America see George Soros as he is, a  man who has caused misery all over the world for the good of a system that works counter to reason and goodness, there is some hope that more and more people will awaken to just what it is that those who control us all are aiming for. Maybe now a statement like, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws” from Mayor Rothchild no longer will be unheard and unnoticed by a public that only has a desire to see Dancing With the Stars and other brainless tripe.

When John D. Rockefeller said that “competition was a sin,” and no one cared that this “good Christian” was talking about the downfall of the whole capitalist system that made his life nothing short of astounding, the world was in some kind of terrible trance that only now so many years too late are we snapping out of. Still, it is better later than never because there when people aim to support goodness – not live a great chaste life or be some paragon of piety which is beyond most people – but simply stop evil when seen for the SAKE of goodness, then the lives of everyone that Prince Phillip did not kill in his virus wishes will be better off because it.

(That said, the author asks the petition below banning George Soros, his family, and his money from American life and business here)