CNN Caught Giving Scripted Questions

PUBLISHED: 6:48 PM 22 Feb 2018

Shooting Survivor: CNN Gave Me “Scripted Question” After Denying Question About Armed Guards

Colton Haab said CNN gave him a scripted question about gun control.

CNN busted giving scripted questions.

An ROTC member and student who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting said CNN tried to give him a “scripted question” that called for more gun control measures in America.

During a CNN town hall Wednesday night, Colton Haab said he wanted to ask a question about arming teachers and having armed guards in school in the case of an attacker.

Haab said he declined to speak at the event after CNN told him he couldn’t ask his question and instead tried to gave him a scripted one that demanded action on gun restrictions.

“CNN had originally asked me to write a speech and questions and it ended up being all scripted,” Haab told WPLG-TV.

He added: “I expected to be able to ask my questions and give my opinion on my questions.”

Haab is a junior at the Florida high school and made national headlines last week after it was revealed he shielded his classmates with cavalier vests in the ROTC room while confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz was carrying out his attack.

He wanted to ask about teachers who have a conceal-carry permit being able to have a firearm in their classrooms in the case of an attack, an idea supported by President Donald Trump.

CNN wasn’t going to let him ask that question and instead wanted to use Haab as a pawn for their leftist gun control push.

“I don’t think that it’s going get anything accomplished. It’s not gonna ask the true questions that all the parents and teachers and students have.” He added.

CNN denied they offered him a scripted question and said he was encouraged to ask something else because his ideas had already been discussed.

How pathetic.

The fake news network should be exposed for not only exploiting a tragedy for their gun control push, but for also forbidding Haab from being able to ask a question about his ideas for making schools safer.

Haab is a hero, a member of the ROTC, and has a better grasp on firearm issues than CNN and their liberal allies using the shooting survivors to call for gun restrictions.

Source: Real Clear Politics