Mass Shooting

PUBLISHED: 8:08 PM 19 Sep 2018

Shooting In Middleton, Wisconsin

At least five people have been admitted to local hospitals for injuries related to a shooting in Middleton.

There has been a shooting in Middleton, Wisconsin, and it seems that the left is prepared to push gun control yet again.

It has been weeks since the city of Cincinnati was home to a mass shooting at the Fifth Third Bank in their downtown business district. Yet again, there has been a shooting, this time in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are responding to reports of a shooting at a local software company. Currently, the situation is considered to be ‘stable,’ and five people are in the hospital being treated for various injuries sustained in relation to the violence. Although the shooter at the Wisconsin software company was just recently ‘neutralized,’ it seems that PolitiFact has already had to begin debunking pro gun-control claims.

According to current reports, the shooting occurred at a software company in Middleton, Wisconsin, a small suburb of Madison.

Police dispatch received multiple reports of an active shooter early in the morning. These reports, which began to arrive around 10:25 a.m. local time, said that the shooter was in the 1800 block of Deming Way.

At 12:30 p.m. local time, the Madison Police Department reported that the shooter was no longer at the location.

According to the Associated Press, the shooter was among those injured in the incident. Middleton City Administrator Mike Davis told News 3 that the situation was considered stable around 12:40 p.m.

A spokesperson for the University of Wisconsin, which is at nearby Madison, said that the hospital is currently treating four patients from the shooting, as well as one with injuries that are not life-threatening in nature.

Hospital officials also said that two of the patients in their care were in serious condition, with another in critical condition, though they would not offer information on the well-being of the fourth.

Dan Reeve, who works as the director of sales in Esker Software, said that the shooting didn’t happen at their building, as some have suggested, but that it instead occurred next door.

Still, in order to stay safe, all the employees were instructed to shelter in place.

Police are currently interviewing witnesses at the Residence Inn in Middleton, and they sent out a message to residents of the city to lock their doors and shelter in place.

Local schools, including the Middleton High School, Kromrey Middle School, and Clark Street Community School, were all briefly locked down as news of the shooting spread, although the lockdown was lifted around 12:15.

Other businesses and facilities in the area also sheltered in place, and some remain locked down pending word from the police concerning whether or not they should evacuate.

Interestingly, PolitiFact, a fact-checking organization, has already had to debunk pro gun-control claims related to this most recent disaster.

Indeed, the fact-checking group brought up five separate fact checks that they had recently done on the subject of firearms, all from 2018.

The first claim was that firearms were 17 times more likely to be used to assault a friend, relative, or acquaintance than an intruder. The democrat mayor of Madison, Paul Soglin, made this claim, in fact.

PolitiFact declared the claim half-true, because the study proclaiming the ’17 times’ statistic had some methodology issues, and most studies don’t differentiate between victims known or unknown.

The second claim, which originated from the Giffords PAC, attacked Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin congressman and republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, and stated that he blocked “all” action to strengthen gun laws.

PolitiFact ruled this mostly false, and pointed out that not bringing legislation to the floor for a vote is not a blocking measure, and that Ryan actually allowed a bill to pass that would strengthen background checks.

The third allegation was from a Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who hoped to help raise money for democrats in Wisconsin and who some believe is a candidate for 2020’s democrat primary, and claimed that a quarter of firearms were sold without a background check.

According to the fact-checking group, that number was between 22 and 13 percent, depending on methodology and definition choices. They rate the claim mostly false.

It seems likely that the political left will use this opportunity to push for gun control yet again, even though the evidence that any of the current ideas they’ve proposed would do much simply is not there.

In the past, left-leaning groups pushing for gun control, like the Brady Campaign or the Bloomberg-funded Everytown For Gun Control, have made pushes for new gun control measures almost instantly after shootings were reported, rarely waiting to find out what kind of weapon the shooter used or if their polices would have done anything to prevent it.

It seems unlikely that this latest shooting, near one of the most left-leaning cities in the midwest, will be any different.