PUBLISHED: 4:47 PM 22 Sep 2016
UPDATED: 5:00 PM 22 Sep 2016

SHOCKING: White Man Dragged Through Streets Of Charlotte By BLM (Video)

Black Thugs Attacking White Man For No Reason

Black Thugs Attacking White Man For No Reason

Black Thugs Attacking White Man For No Reason

Nothing says “feel sorry for me, I’m oppressed” quite like absolutely destroying a city for no apparent reason. Everyone is well aware of the violence occurring in Charlotte, North Carolina, but what was caught on video late Wednesday evening was one of the most deplorable things we have witnessed.

A graphic video has surfaced from protesters thugs showing nearly a dozen black males locating an innocent white bystander, running him down in a paring garage, and jumping him. Thankfully, these idiots recorded the assault and hopefully authorities can match the identities and charge every single one of them.

A local photographer, Lenard Bennett, was very vocal and forthcoming with his efforts to provide evidence of citizens being assaulted or property being damaged by these entitled scumbags last night. He posted a Facebook video early on Thursday morning.

Here is the video:

The video clearly shows a white man, doing absolutely nothing, getting run down, assaulted, dragged, and assaulted again by several black thugs. They are punching him, knocking him to the ground, pulling off his pants, and dragging him across a parking garage, and kicking him while he is down.

Does this look like a group we should be praising? Calling heroic? Because that is what Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to do.

CNN, MSNBC, and CBS spent the entire evening calling them “protesters that are emotionally driven.” Excuse me? One of these “peaceful protesters” hit a police officer in the face with a rock. What part of that sounds peaceful?

Bennett captions the video: “This is beyond wrong smh praying for my city #Charlotte.” He later posted a gallery of 30 photos showing the looting and destruction across Charlotte — windows shattered, obscenities painted on police cars, and plants strewn on the ground (the New York Times reported that rioters threw potted plants at police officers). Bennett condemned the riots in the caption on this album: “Look at how they tearing up and looting the city we all live in THIS IS NOT PROTESTING! #BlackLivesMatter.”

Over the past few days, demonstrators criminals have protested the death of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man who was shot and killed by a black police officer because he refused to put down his gun when officers ordered him to. Reports initially were wrong, he was not sitting there reading a book innocently. He had a gun, he disobeyed orders from police, and they were forced to disarm him to protect the safety of everyone.

The “Black Lives Matter” violence has proven once again that this organization is a domestic terrorist group that destroys cities for no justifiable reason. Whether they are blowing up gas stations, destroying property, or using violence against whites, that is what the group does. And they wonder why no one feels sorry for them or appeases to their “demands.”

As stated, authorities are looking for these thugs. Sharing this could quite possibly lead to arrests and these scumbags being charged for assault and carrying out hate crimes. This country is falling apart, and we need leadership now more than we ever have before.

We do not need Hillary, an Obama 2.0 apologist, we need Donald Trump to make this country safe and great again. Four more years of the same divisive policies and rhetoric will tear us apart that much more. If Hillary wins this election, our police officers will never be allowed to do their jobs again.

Our streets will be consumed with violence and race wars if we aren’t brought together soon, which will have major impacts on every aspect of life. This entire country will look like Charlotte if we do not elect Donald Trump to be our next president.

Share this to show support for our fellow police officers, and their heroism in these tough times. Hillary and Obama may not support them, but the American people do.