PUBLISHED: 6:48 PM 12 Jan 2018

Shocking Video, Pictures Show Devastating Results Of Government Control

Asia Mayfield by

An unruly, desperate mob in Venezuela was caught attacking a cow for its meat. Robbing farmers is now common as the county is still in the grip of a severe food shortage. Venezuelans are starving, the average person can't afford to eat three meals a day.

An unruly, desperate mob in Venezuela was caught attacking a cow for its meat. Robbing farmers is now common as the county is still in the grip of a severe food shortage. Venezuelans are starving, the average person can’t afford to eat three meals a day.

Venezuela is fast deteriorating into chaos. Crippling inflation has led to widespread hunger and unrest. Shocking footage emerged this week of desperate villagers stoning a cow before distributing the meat.

President Nicolas Maduro tanked the economy. Venezuela used to produce 70 percent of its own food, importing the rest. Those numbers are now reversed. The country can no longer feed itself. Sadly, these are the results of socialism and too much government control.

The video of the angry mob shows how desperate people have become. During the attack on the cow, the agitators shouted “we are hungry” and “people are suffering.”

This is not the way. These actions will destroy our national production more quickly and bring more hunger and scarcity,” Congressman Carlos Paparoni moaned.

Violent protests are never an appropriate form of expression, but it’s hard to blame the Venezuelans. Their country is being slowly destroyed, rotting from the inside out. Starving people will always act out.

“They knocked down the gates and looted flour, rice, cooking oil, cooking gas… The police and the National Guard tried to control the situation by giving out what was left… People went down to a center which stored food and gas bottles and caused damage and stole flour, rice, oil and gas,” said farm owner Zuley Urdaneta.

Venezuela has descended into chaos. The country’s economic troubles have led to mass starvation and unrest. If something doesn’t change, civil war could break out. President Trump is eager to calm the situation, he understands that peace in Venezuela is better for America than mayhem.

Looting is now a common occurrence. The protests that sprung up around the men who stoned the cow has claimed four lives already. Maduro has done little to ease the country’s misery.

“What we’re living is barbaric,”  opposition lawmaker Juan Guaido wrote on Twitter. “The dehumanizing regime of Nicolas Maduro is turning a blind eye to the tragedy that we Venezuelans are living.”

The situation needs to be fixed from within. Outside aid will be ineffective unless the government wholeheartedly accepts it. Maduro knows exactly what’s going on and he’s allowing it to continue.

President Trump indicated last month that Venezuela was one of his top priorities. The crisis is unfolding in our backyard. A severe round of sanctions laid down by the U.S. government played a significant role in weakening Venezuela’s economy. Maduro won’t be able to get the country back on track without cooperating with America.”The Venezuelan people are starving and their country is collapsing,” President Trump stated before the United Nations last year.

The Hill notes that: “Of course, Venezuela would try to circumvent U.S. restrictions by seeking other markets for its oil. But the United States could encourage allies… to insist on similar escrow arrangements. China and Russia would almost certainly keep paying cash, but it is not clear that China and Russia have the capacity to absorb the full volume of Venezuelan crude currently bought by the United States. Furthermore, both countries would likely demand steep discounts…”

WARNING: Video may be disturbing to some viewers.

Last September, after Trump roared against the evils plaguing Venezuela, the troubled country tried to respond. Officials denied that the famine gripping the country existed and blamed President Trump for his intervention.

“As if he were the world’s emperor, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, used this podium built for peace to announce wars, total destruction of member states… (and) coercive measures, threatening and judging as if he had absolute, dictatorial powers over the sovereign member states of our organization,” complained foreign minister Jorge Arreaza.

Men, women, and children are starving to death. Venezuela’s entire future is at risk. Children who suffer from malnourishment while growing up suffer lifelong consequences. The next generation will be greatly stunted.

Riots in Venezuela have killed dozens of people over the last year. Four have died since the start of 2018.

“We are the only country in the world where people dread a wage hike because they know the price of food will follow [up],” said Ingrid Soto de Sanabria, head of nutrition at Venezuela’s top children’s hospital.