PUBLISHED: 10:30 PM 12 Oct 2016

Shocking Video From Past Shows Her Telling Black Boy To Mind His Place


Clinton’s Outburst At A Young Black Man Was On Camera

Hillary Clinton and the Democrats want you to believe that they are the only political party that accepts African Americans. They try and use their support of the Black Lives Matter movement as a way to show people that they really care about them.

Even though the Black Lives Matter movement is a racist group themselves, the Democrats continue to use them for support among liberals. They may claim that they support black people in everything that they do, but a video from Clinton’s past completely contradicts that!

A video popped up from when Clinton was Secretary of State and was having a question and answer session. People from the crowd were allowed to ask her what they wanted. A young African American male decided to ask her a question.

This young man was brought a microphone and spoke in broken English. His question was about if Hillary was going to listen to her husband, and former president, on some issues. He also wondered if they would affect her decision in any way. “What does Mr. Clinton think? Through the mouth of Mrs. Clinton, and what does Mr. Mutumbo think on this situation? Thank you very much.”

It’s a very good question. The Clinton’s have always said that they were a power couple. That means that they are going to seek out advice from each other on certain issues. And considering that the old phrase is “There are no stupid questions,” you’d think that Clinton would have respected the young man for thinking of that.

WRONG. First off, Hillary wasn’t even paying attention to the question, as she takes out a pair of earplugs. After she takes them out, she starts looking around wondering who asked the question. It’s not that hard to PAY ATTENTION when someone is speaking!

We Are Closer Than Ever To Being Done With The Clinton's

Hillary Wasn’t Even Paying Attention To This Young Man

In fact it’s completely disrespectful! This young man wanted to have the answer to something that he considers important and you can’t even give him the time of day! By doing that, it automatically gives off the impression that she doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t want to take any questions. But it gets worse from there.

After she has the question repeated to her, Clinton’s temper shows. “Wait you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? My husband is not the Secretary of State, I am.” After she gives that answer, the crowd gasps as if they can’t believe that someone would treat a voter like that!

It’s unbelievable that someone would treat someone else like that. Keep in mind that this young man was African American and spoke in broken English. But he cares enough about this country to ask this question! And she completely shoots him down with a very angry response!

After a brief pause, and some hand gestures that show that Clinton is very angry at the question, she answers again. “So you ask my opinion, I will tell you my opinion. I’m not going to be channeling my husband.” Is this how a potential leader of the United States will address people that ask her a question?

Clinton Picture

Hillary’s Temper Flared Up Again When Answering This Young Boys Question

This is nothing new from the democratic presidential nominee though. Other people that have covered her before have commented on her temper before. Some of the secret service agents that have been assigned to her have said that it was one of the worst assignments to have.

Clinton also claims that she is the only candidate that cares about the plight of the African Americans because she supports the Black Lives Matter movement. However all that group has done is set off more race riots and loot and riot whenever something goes wrong.

However she has also commented on how some members of the African American community are known as “super predators.” That really sounds like someone that really respects black people and everything that they do. No one on the Republican side has made a mention of that.

The People Aren't Buying Their Lies Anymore

She Called African Americans “Super Predators.” Because Nothing Shows You Care Like Calling An Entire Community “Super Predators”

Conservative Daily Post has covered some of the incidents that the Black Lives Matter group has been involved in. There was the incident that they said they were going to loot the area after Hurricane Matthew hit the east coast.

Then there was the incident after the Charlotte riots that saw many people rioting over the death of a criminal. And instead of supporting the police force during this time, Clinton sided with the Black Lives Matter movement.

This is just another incident where Clinton has tried to show that she is in favor of black lives, yet she answers a black man’s question rudely, doesn’t show him the respect that he deserves, and makes him feel embarrassed about asking the question.

A leader is supposed to encourage questions. All Clinton has tried to do was show that people shouldn’t question her because she thinks she knows everything. Not being able to ask questions is just another step towards a totalitarian government. That isn’t something that the people of the United States need.

Hillary When She Finds Out She Is Going To Jail

Hillary When She Realizes How Bad She Looked In Answering This Question

Share this article with your friends and family to show that Clinton isn’t as nice to black people as she wants you to think. She literally embarrassed a young man for asking a good question about the closeness of her and her husband. And yet she wants people to think that she is all for them.

Unlike Clinton, Trump is actually working to make sure that African American people can get out of the communities that the Democratic policies have put them in. He has literally asked them what they have to lose for voting for him. And he brought up the fact that the Democrats have been promising change for decades yet there hasn’t been change. Why should we believe them now?