PUBLISHED: 1:19 AM 11 Oct 2016

Shocking Email Trail Shows Chelsea Knew About Bill’s Affairs, Told To Keep Quiet


Hiding Things From The Public, As Usual

The most recent email leaks show conversations about the personal lives of these criminals. They also show the senders and receivers talking about how worried they are about the story getting out, or an email leaking. There are emails about emails leaking that have been leaked, which show them worrying about emails leaking.

Amazing. The following is a prime example of this.

William “Slick Willy” Clinton has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, has flown 26 times on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, and was impeached for lying about having sexual relations in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton is a lifelong politician and globalist who wants “open borders” and has attempted to ruin the lives of the women that Bill had allegedly raped.

Chelsea Clinton is their daughter.  Other than doing being severely overpaid for speaking events and being on the board of directors of the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea has been more or less uncorrupted. The sins of the father are not the sins of the son, nor the daughter, in this case. And, unlike her mother, Chelsea Clinton doesn’t attack or smear Bill’s proven and alleged victims. In fact, in an email leaked today, a DNC staffer expressed his concerns about Chelsea’s mental state.

screenshot_8_480“Chelsea is more concerned with … the NY post [articles] about her father and a multitude of women over the years,” a staffer said in the email.

Chelsea being concerned or upset about what her father has done shows humanity. That’s a new trait for a Clinton to have, but it’s a welcome one. If even one-tenth of the rape accusations against Bill Clinton were true—and they are true—his daughter would naturally be upset. However, another DNC staffer doesn’t seem to think that her reaction is appropriate.


“cvc” = Chelsea Victoria Clinton

The man who sent this email is Doug Band; a businessman, lawyer, and founder of Teneo—and international law firm. Mr. Band has been cited for abusing his working relationship with Bill Clinton to influence Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State by seeking access on behalf of contributors to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton was so proud of the money laundering initiative, that he said “Doug had the idea to create the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI).” What a team player.

It’s very ironic that Doug Band is calling her a spoiled brat for being upset about a damning New York Post article, because in the Fall of 2013, the New York Post released an article entitled “How Doug Band Drove A Wedge Through The Clinton Dynasty.” The article has since been taken down, but was reposted by A summary of the article can be made into one sentence: Doug Band is a conniving manipulator who cares nothing for anyone; except himself, and money.

It’s a cold day in hell when a writer for Conservative Daily Post sides with a Clinton, yet here we are. Chelsea Clinton, as stated above, is nowhere near as bad as her parents. She is directly involved with the Clinton Foundation, but has not been involved with the worst parts of it, such as CGI. Doug Band and Chelsea Clinton don’t even like or trust one another.

“Chelsea, who once felt only fondness for Band as a trusted member of her family’s circle, came to worry that the overlap between the foundation and Band’s business interests could backfire on the Clintons,” the New Republic reported.

Bill and Doug don’t have a very good relationship anymore, either. They had a falling out after Mr. Band tried overstepped his authority while with the Clinton Foundation. Ironically, a friend of the Clintons interviewed by the New Republic said running into Bill is “like when your wife cheats on you, and after the divorce, you have to see them at the friend’s wedding or at the supermarket. There’s a strangeness to it.”


Bill At Presidential Debate Looking At Three Of His Alleged/Confirmed Victims

There is a strangeness to it, and Bill has cheated on his wife. What an odd word choice. That’s exactly how Chelsea Clinton feels, only a thousand times worse. Her father is being accused of sexual assaults, several of which he is guilty of, and at least one of which he settled out of court for $800,000. He’s flown on pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s plane 26 times on their way to what they nicknamed “Orgy Island” with 14-year-old girls.

Chelsea Clinton was 14 years old when Bill Clinton was President, and a similar age when he flew around the world with Epstein. Chelsea Clinton may not be the purest person in the world, but she is by no means a “spoiled brat” for being upset over her father’s rape allegations. Especially when some of the reported victims may have been 14 the same year she was 14.

“I’m also starting to worry that if this story gets out, we’re screwed,” Doug wrote in the leaked email. Well, the story is out, Mr. Band, and you are screwed. Just like the tens of women who accused Bill, and just like the mental health of all of his victims, you’re all screwed.

This email shows another DNC staffer saying that, not only are Bill’s sexual relations while President perfectly acceptable, they are commendable.



There is nothing commendable about what Bill Clinton did to those women, and there is nothing wrong with his daughter being upset with what he did. Bill’s wife, Hillary, could learn a thing or two from their daughter. Show some humility, show some humanity.