Strzok Covert Operative

PUBLISHED: 4:37 PM 22 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 5:46 PM 22 Jul 2018

Shocking Claims Made About Peter Strzok’s Iranian Past

According to anonymous sources, Peter Strzok, and his father, have been involved in political intrigue in the Middle East for decades.

The phones issued to Lisa Page and Peter Strzok by Robert Mueller's Special Counsel office were 'reset' to factory conditions in July, 2017.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent Peter Strzok has played an interesting role in a number of investigations recently, mostly concerning allegations of political bias in the agency he works for. However, as shocking as some of the claims he made have been, that is nothing compared to a shocking claim that came out Wednesday.

According to an alleged former co-worker of the agent, Peter Strzok III grew up in Iran, and was used by the Obama administration as their envoy to the Iranian government while working out the nuclear deal that profited them handsomely. Allegedly, he was also a ‘key intel operative’ and set up a sale to Iran for Obama.

The worst claim in the shocking report is that Peter Strzok the junior was not even an agent in the FBI at all. Instead, he was a CIA agent who was part of the “highest level” of covert operations, whose job was to ‘slide’ into various positions in government agencies in order to influence outcomes.

The former co-worker said that Strzok was born in the late 60’s, which does seem to match up with what is known about him.

He also says that the young future FBI agent grew up in Iran, attending the American School in Iran up until it closed in 1978 (the American School of Isfahan did, in fact, close in the 78-79 school year, and staff fled the country at the end of 78).

The insider says that after the school closed down due to the revolution, Strzok went to the American School in Saudi Arabia.

Big League Politics continues on to say that Peter Strzok II, the father of the individual of current infamy in the United States, advocated for Ayatollah Khomeni in Iran, and then worked to help calm down the anger and restore stability in Iran.

Again, assuming that all these claims were factual, the timeline would properly match up, as would his son’s enrollment in the American School of Saudi Arabia.

According to their claims, Strzok the elder worked to restore the relationship with Iran with no small amount of anti-Semitic rhetoric, and also dabbled in ‘charity work.’

If the allegations are correct, he spent time in Haiti, a nation which has had multiple charity missions, and even went to Upper Volta, which is known today as Burkina Faso.

By the mid-80s, father Strzok was an employee for Catholic Relief Services, and was interviewed by the New York Times in 1985, in that capacity. To be specific, the Times was allegedly questioning him on his testimony concerning mishandled money that had been intended for Ethiopia.

In the article, he identified himself as a retired engineer from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and he said he served the charity in both Africa and Haiti. Allegedly, he was even the director in Haiti.

Another source, again unidentified, claims that Peter Strzok III and his father both talked favorably about Iran, and they both speak impeccable Persian.

A source also claimed that when Iran purchased government planes from the United States government during the Barack Obama presidency, it was the younger Strzok who acted as the go-between, helping to complete purchases between 2011-2013. This insider claims that Strzok III handled relations with the sanctioned nation from ‘start to finish,’ and even suggested that his father did the same thing for Ronald Reagan.

According to Big League Politics sources, the elder of the family line was even involved in the Iran-Contra scheme that earned a Reagan national security adviser six months in prison and ruined the career of promising Army Colonel Oliver North.

The source says that he was placed in the FBI in order to ensure a victory in the 2016 presidential election for Hillary Clinton, and to undermine anything that could provide negative press.

If all of this sounds incredible, that’s because the claims are frankly hard to believe. However, it would make sense on a number of levels, especially the idea that both Strzok men were involved in political intrigue with Iran.

If the claims are true, then the United States government is more poorly run than many have dared to suggest, and it sounds as if the government was almost designed to be manipulated.

However, it would explain many strange coincidences concerning the investigation into Hillary Clinton, and how Peter Strzok III, ‘FBI agent,’ ended up in a position to influence two separate investigations that could be exploited politically.

Hopefully, these claims are further investigated, and proven one way or the other. Until then, they are extremely interesting, and would make a lot of sense.