Boy Attacked By Spear

PUBLISHED: 3:59 PM 1 Sep 2020

Shirtless Man Attacks Boy In Times Square Using Homemade Spear

As the violence increases and criminals understand that they will not be put in jail in New York, the crazies are becoming bolder.

This is sick! (Source: News Need News Screenshot)

Thanks to democrat leadership and laws recently passed in New York City, criminals now are beginning to understand that they will not be held in jail, even after the most horrific attacks.

For example, the man who attempted to rape a woman in broad daylight was arrested, and immediately released yesterday.

So, it appears that these crazies and evil-minded people are becoming bolder.

A man wielding a homemade spear sliced the forehead of a 15-year-old boy in Times Square.

Fox 5 NY reported:

A shirtless man wielding a homemade spear sliced a 15-year-old boy in the forehead Friday in a brazen attack in New York City’s Times Square, police said.

Roland Pacheco, 52, is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation while awaiting arraignment in a Manhattan court on assault, weapon possession, and menacing charges.

Pacheco fled after attacking the boy, who was hospitalized and treated with stitches, only to be caught slashing tires a few blocks away, police said.

Officers used a stun gun to subdue Pacheco after he started swinging the weapon — a pocket knife attached to a broomstick — at them, police said.

An email seeking comment was sent to Pacheco’s lawyer in another case.

Pacheco’s arrest history includes a 2018 incident in which he allegedly pummeled a man with a tarp full of lug nuts in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park.

That case has yet to be resolved.