Sheriffs Take On Dems

PUBLISHED: 6:05 PM 11 Feb 2019
UPDATED: 6:06 PM 11 Feb 2019

Sheriffs Warn Congress: Back Room Deal Would Create ‘Serious Risk’

Congressional House democrats plan to broker a back-room deal that would severely limit the number of criminal aliens ICE could detain, but America’s sheriffs are begging them to reconsider saying that the risk to public safety would be unconscionable.

Two law enforcement groups have petitioned congress to jettison a back room deal that would put thousands of violent illegal alien criminals on America's streets.

America’s sheriffs have had enough. Sending letters to Congress intent on brokering a backroom deal that would basically release every violent illegal alien offender out into the streets, sheriffs begged lawmakers to stop the idiotic scheme.

The deal would institute a ceiling on the number of illegal aliens U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) could legally detain.

“According to letters sent to House and Senate lawmakers on Friday, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) and the Major Country Sheriffs of America claim that if ICE is forced to release detainees, over 8,300 criminal illegals will be sent to the streets and potentially lost to the administrative and judicial systems.”

“The brokered agreement would mandate that ICE can hold no more than 16,500 people at a time.” And, the move would essentially help ‘abolish ICE.’

“The negotiations began last December as part of the talks surrounding the partial government shutdown. Discussions resumed after the reopening of the federal government and are reportedly ongoing with another shutdown potentially looming.”

“Capping the number of detention beds utilized by ICE not only jeopardizes the integrity of the immigration system, but would cripple ICE’s ability to detain criminal aliens and other aliens who pose a risk to public safety or are a flight risk,” the letters read.

One letter was sent to GOP Senator Richard Shelby, Vermont Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, and a second identical letter was sent to Texas GOP Rep. Kay Granger and New York Democrat Rep. Nita Lowey.

The letter warned, Any legislation that reduces ICE’s detention capacity would hinder its ability to perform its national security and public safety missions, but also impact local law enforcement’s ability to protect the communities they serve. In order to meet the cap being tentatively proposed by Congress, ICE would be compelled to release thousands of aliens from custody.”

The correspondence noted, “Over 90 percent of ICE’s arrests are aliens who have a criminal conviction, have been arrested for a criminal, or have been previously removed. Placing a cap on ICE detention beds will undermine the efficacy of the immigration system and reduce the number of aliens who are removed from the United States.”

That is correct, but apparently no concern of democrats who want to see violent illegals released upon American cities.

Since they have personal bodyguards for themselves and their families, they apparently do not care that releasing these criminals would present a danger to American citizens.

The callous and disgusting behavior of the left is slowly building a massive resistance to their socialist, open borders schemes.

It’s unlikely that such a deal would pass the republicans controlled senate, but the fact that democrats continue to bombard the very fabric of national safety with their amnesty schemes and migrant acceptance show the American people exactly where they stand.