Earlier this week, a man high on meth in Washington state was taken into custody by local police after they found him standing next to his car in the middle of a busy intersection waving around firearms and claiming that he was ordered by President Trump to fight “the lizard people” (pictured above).

Earlier this week, a man high on meth in Washington state was taken into custody by local police so that he could have his mental health evaluated. The officers reportedly did so after finding him standing in a busy intersection shouting and waving around both a rifle and handgun.

After being placed in handcuffs, the arresting officers asked him what he was doing. Shockingly, he reportedly told them that he was under direct orders from President Donald Trump “fight the lizard people,” who he claimed had surrounded him in the intersection. Apparently, he was making a scene to try and “attract the news vans” so that they could document his story.

Specifically, the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department recently placed an unidentified 54-year-old man from Eatonville, Washington in handcuffs and took him to a nearby hospital for a 14-day mental health evaluation after they responded to a call about suspicious activity. They arrived and found the suspect standing in the middle of a busy intersection “waving around an AK-47” and a loaded Ruger .357 revolver. Concerned, the officers then ordered him to lay on the ground, which he did.


However, when the officers approached and tried placing him in handcuffs, he began to resist. In an attempt to gain control over the suspect, two of the officers pulled out their Tasers and used them on him. Unsurprisingly, this got him to stop struggling and allowed the officers to successfully place him in handcuffs.

While at the scene of the arrest, the officers also searched the suspect’s car. To their horror, they found a “loaded Century Arms AK-47, a loaded Ruger .357 revolver, 5 loaded magazines for the AK-47, a holster for the revolver, and a wooden bat” inside the vehicle. They also found a total of 170 rounds of 7.62 ammunition loaded into 6 AK-47 magazines.  

A handgun and several loaded magazines that were found in the suspect’s car.

Following his arrest, officials with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department released a statement providing the public with more information about the shocking incident. “At 8:03 p.m. on Saturday November 25, 2017, a passerby called 911 to report that a white Jeep Cherokee was stopped in the middle of the intersection at 108th St. S. and Pacific Ave. S. in #Parkland. The witness did not know what the issue was with either the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle but it appeared suspicious,” began the department’s statement.


Although the man initially remained inside his vehicle, this apparently didn’t last long. This is because, as officers with the Washington State Patrol rushed to the scene, they received an urgent update that the driver had reportedly exited the vehicle and was armed. “As our deputies were enroute to the scene they received an urgent update WSP that the driver had reportedly exited the vehicle and was ‘waving around an AK-47’ and had a handgun as well,” the statement explained.

The AK-47 that officers found in the suspect’s car.

“The first patrol deputy and sergeant arrived into the area and met with multiple WSP troopers staged in the 11200 block of Pacific Ave.; the 7 marked units [then] approached the suspect’s vehicle, which was parked facing southbound in the northbound lanes of Pacific Ave. at the intersection with 108th [Street],” added the officers in their statement.

“The man had placed his firearms back inside his vehicle as the troopers and deputies drove toward him; he was standing next to his vehicle and was ordered to the ground by troopers, as our two guys provided cover with their rifles,” they continued, noting, “the man immediately laid on the ground and started to scream about ‘sending in the news’ and about ‘the lizard people.’”


The department’s statement then goes on to describe in detail what happened when the officers tried arresting the deranged suspect. “As our patrol deputy and a trooper attempted to place him in handcuffs, he suddenly pulled away his arms and tried to resist being handcuffed while continuing to scream. Our deputy held tightly onto the man’s arm and our patrol sergeant deployed his tazer [sic] at the man; a trooper also deployed his tazer [sic]; the man then complied and was placed into handcuffs,” they stated.   

The suspect’s AK47 leaning against the passenger seat.

Once the suspect was in custody, the officers proceeded to question him to figure out what was going on. His response, however, left the officers utterly baffled. “The man told our deputy that he had ‘snorted methamphetamine to lose weight’ and was taking prescribed morphine, but added that ‘the meth doesn’t make me crazy man, the lizard people are real!’” explained the department in the statement they released.

“The man went on to described how President Trump had called his house in #Eatonville and warned him that the lizard people were coming and that the alpha dragon had already taken his family hostage,” they continued.

“He said he had stopped in the intersection because he was surrounded by the lizard people and need to fight them as directed by the President,” added the department, noting, “he said he was screaming and making a scene in the intersection in order to ‘attract the news vans’ and so ‘his story could be documented for history.’”

The suspect was then examined by medical professionals from the Central Pierce Fire & Rescue. They reported that he appeared to be “heavily under the influence of a stimulant” and took him to a local hospital for treatment. As of now, it’s unclear what charges, if any, he will face.

Clearly, the suspect is an incredibly disturbed individual. But thankfully, officers are trained to handle these kinds of unusual situations. Hopefully, they don’t end up releasing him back out onto the streets until he receives the medical help he so desperately needs.