Sheriff Israel's Terrorism Connection

PUBLISHED: 6:51 PM 26 Feb 2018

Sheriff Israel Exposed For Connection To CAIR Terrorist Organization

Deputy and CAIR Director Nezar Hamze bragged about Sheriff Israel attending CAIR event, defending Muslims

Israel exposed for connection to terror group.

A recently resurfaced video reveals Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel exposes his ties to the Florida chapter of the Council on Islamic American Relations, an organization linked to the terrorist group Hamas.

Not only did Israel speak at an event in 2015 for the terrorist organization, one of his top deputy’s at the Sheriff’s department is also a senior leader for CAIR.

Nezar Hamze is a deputy at the Broward County Sheriff Department, and he also serves as the Regional Director for CAIR’s Florida Chapter.

Hamze hosted Israel at CAIR in during Ramadan where the Florida Sheriff gave a speech to Muslim men about the importance of defending their rights in America.

Hamze told the group that Israel was a strong defender of the Muslim community and would fight back against those who challenged their presence in the area.

“This is the man that is our Sheriff [Scott Israel] and thing, Inshallah and I’m not going to take anymore time. A couple, almost a year ago, we had a situation where people were targeting Muslim business owners embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from members of our community,” Hamze said.

He added: “These members of the community reached out to other law enforcement agencies and their back was turned. I called the Sheriff and his team and almost immediately they investigated the joint forces and this individual was thrown in jail.”

The meeting is also vital because Hamze is deeply connected to known terrorists Darul Uloom and Clare Lopez, two CAIR affiliates who have lead Islamic rallies in Pembroke Pines and engaged in terror activities.

The video also shows how Israel appeared to be far more concerned with appeasing terror-connected Muslims than he was with protecting the students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Israel’s department received more than 40 warning calls about confessed gunman Nikolas Cruz indicating he wanted to carry out an act of violence, yet his office did nothing about it.

Because of Israel’s refusal to arrest Cruz, he killed 17 innocent students and injured many others nearly two weeks ago.

Maybe Israel should take fewer pictures with Hillary Clinton and with the CAIR terrorists and actually admit he failed to prevent the mass shooting when there were plenty of red flags.

Source: The Gateway Pundit